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Halloween Cut-Up 2001 
By: Whimsical Will
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Duration: 3:46 
Release Date: 2001  (artpaul) 
Lyrics By: Whimsical Will (artpaul) 
Music By: Whimsical Will (artpaul) 
Produced By: Whimsical Will (artpaul) 
Released By: Art Paul Schlosser Inc (artpaul) 
Published By: Art Paul Schlosser (artpaul) 
Licensing: CC (artpaul) 
Song Lyrics:
It's Halloween time in dementia town:
Wow, what a day

The dementites and dementotes are running around:
Ow ow ow ow ow

There's Musical Mike with hands full of noise:
(a bunch of noises)

And Good Time Gil with frightening toys:
Da, da, da Good time Gil

The Holiday parties are all in full swing:
Welcome foolish mortals

With bobbing for apples:
(Water gargling)

And pin the tail on the thing:
We're gonna stick in your yin yang

The Costumes are theme all tail and top hat:
Looks like a penguin

I change into mine but where's the bathroom at:
Ah, blow it out

My costume's designed to make your blood curl:
Awwwww !

Part Scooby, part Shrek, part Power Puff Girl:
Oh, this is attractive

My pumpkin is carved with the face of Demento:
Thank you, Whimsical Will

My shaving cream beard and 2 eyes of Pimiento:
I never seen nobody look that silly before

It's trick or treat smell my feet; I practiced what to say:
(bell sound) trick or treat

But this year when I ring the bell, its:
Kick ass USA

I made the rounds; my bag is full; I pick up quite a booty:
Crust of black burnt butter toast, grisly bits of beefy roast

But now I must check carefully for razor blade or cootie:
Let's see, saw off shotgun, knife, bludgeon, box of dum dum shells; nothing suspicious here

And yet my evening's not complete; there's one more house to see:
Some say the place is haunted but you don't believe in such myths

The mansion 'neath the smogberry trees; home of Dr D:
We find it delightfully unlivable here in this ghostly retreat

I neared the house so quietly not wanting any harm:
Hey, I don't want no boot to the head

But as careful as my foot steps where I triggered the alarm:
(an alarm sound)

I rang the door and knocked the bell for a friendly voice I's hoping:

But as I turned to head back home, the door creaked slowly open:
Hello something scary happening

I cleared my throat and clench my fist and offered trick or treat:
Trick or Treat

But what I heard as my reply did knock me off my feet:
Have a Peanut Butter Sandwich
Have a Peanut butter Sandwich

What sound, what fright, what horror lurks in the heart of twisted men:
Man this is spooksville

But just as I regain my strength, I heard those words again:
Have a Peanut Butter Sandwich

Not man nor beast could make a sound so biting to the chore:
It was terrible, just terrible and I'll never get over it as long as I live

And when I turned to make my brake, I heard that sound once more:
Have a Peanut Butter Sandwich

I made it back in recorded time; my feet did fairly fly:
I'm getting out of here

But all the while remembering that horrible reply:
Have a Peanut Butter Sandwich

Now safe at home, I spend the night indulging in my treats:

But something's wrong; I find no peace in ordinary sweets:
Oh No !

That voice again sends messages resounding in my belly:
Have a Peanut Butter Sandwich

Those words ring true what I must do, I'll have mine with jelly:
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