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Duration: 4:18 
Release Date: 1993 
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Song Lyrics:
SPOKEN INTRO This is a song about mental health
and its dedicated to those who need to be medicated.

Johnny was a kid who grew up in the city
His mother was a drunk. His dad had lots of money
and when he was eighteen, he took a baseball bat
and smashed out all the windows of his dad's Cadillac
They said that he was mental and locked him up for observations
(like they usual do in cases like this)
and took away his bat and gave him heavy medications
We're talking major tranquilizers at six and eight and ten
You know he use to be a slugger, but he'll never swing again.

'Cause hes doing the shuffle
The Thorazine shuffle
He's doing the shuffle
The Thorazine shuffle

Well, now he met a girl in there
by the name of Frankie Laine (hi)
She had a thought disorder
and she lived in constant pain
'Cause when she tried to speak
nothing came out right (you wanna got the store)
but she could really do the shuffle
so they did it every night
They shuffled in the kitchen (cling clink)
They shuffled in the hall
They shuffled to the telephone (brrrrrrrr)
They shuffled through the call (Dr. Porter rabble three Dr. Porter rabble three)
They shuffled by the nurses desk (notice my new nail color)
and in the patient lounge (announce the news Dan rather)
They shuffled in the quiet room (slam)
when no one was around

And they were doing the shuffle
The Thorazine shuffle
They were doing the shuffle
Whoa, the Thorazine shuffle

Well now, there great big brown pills
and they look like M&M's (mmmm)
They wont melt in your mouth (uh-uh)
and they wont melt in your hands (seeee)
They melt down in your stomach (bloop)
and they end up on your mind (zip zip zip zippppp wheeeee)
Is everybody ready
Oh, its medication time (?) (Johnny get your feet out of the vending machine!)

Well now you take your right arm
and you shake it all around
and then you open up your mouth
and you drool on the ground
and then you try to speak
but you just mumble a lot
so you hold onto your head
'cause its the only one you got

And then your doing the shuffle
yeah yeah yeah
The Thorazine shuffle
whoa whoa
You're doing the shuffle
hey hey
The Thorazine shuffle

Well, isn't it a pity
Oh, isn't it too bad
It's back to reality for Johnny (bing)
It's back to mom and dad (time to come home, son)
Yeah, Johnny's on the street now
So if you see him, tell him hi (hey, how ya doing) (hey sport, how ya doing)
but I would be too surprised
if Johnny don't reply
You see, he's got his sunglasses on.

And he's doing the shuffle
whoa whoa
The Thorazine shuffle
He's doing the shuffle
The Thorazine shuffle
come on now
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Messages about the song: "Thorazine Shuffle"
Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  12-06-07 01:14 PM  -  13 years ago
You don't have to buy it. Go here and press play beside segment 2. The song is the 3rd in that segment.
madmaxine   Offline  -  Member  -  12-06-07 07:48 AM  -  13 years ago
I desperately want this song! PLEESE someone add a link where I can by either this song or Dr. Dementos Basement Tapes #2.
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