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Release Date: 2003  (will1410) 
Lyrics By: Amy "Bob" Engelhardt (will1410) 
Music By: Amy "Bob" Engelhardt (will1410) 
Produced By: Amy "Bob" Engelhardt (will1410) 
Released By: Primarily A Cappella Records (will1410) 
Published By:
  • Amy Bob wrote this song when she saw the actual Giant Robot Store on Sawtelle Blvd. in West Los Angeles - but she didn't go into the store, obviously! (bobtrax)
  • This song was recorded at Duncan Street Studio (will1410)
  • This 2003 song reunites The Bobs with Gunnar "Bob" Madsen - One of the original Bobs who left the group in 1990 (will1410)
  • Song Lyrics:
    The shoes all live at Shoe Town
    Lamps Plus has lamps and more
    So logically it follows what’s inside the GIANT ROBOT STORE

    Bagels bunk at Bagel Nosh
    Floor World, they’ve got floors
    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the GIANT ROBOT STORE

    I will never go into the GIANT ROBOT STORE
    Cause what I don’t know can’t hurt me or my brain
    No one ever has been through the GIANT ROBOT STORE
    And come out on the other side the same

    Hallmark huts have greeting cards
    Cigar shops, humidors
    But intelligence is smoking deep within the GIANT ROBOT STORE
    And when my girlfriend said
    She didn’t love me anymore
    The guy I hired followed her into the GIANT ROBOT STORE

    Robo-sapiens! Micro-dogs and cats!
    Cold and calculating underneath fur robo-hats!
    Compu-hominids! Plastic, steel and tin!
    See how they re-boot themselves when fresh flesh wanders in!

    It creeps me out when beeps come out
    It’s like that song by Styx
    Domo Arigato, baby, from clucking micro-chicks

    A robot den of motored men
    With artificial minds
    The Giant Robot Army’s gonna kick our stupid, live behinds!
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