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Duration: 3:23 
Release Date: 1/5/2010  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Jeff Reuben (Jeff Reuben) 
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By:
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Song Lyrics:
I'm off key
When I try to sing Three
Thought this would be a breeze
But my vocal chords seize
And now

I'm off key
I sound just like Britney
Butchering melodies
No one wants to hear (EW!)

Don't be contrite
All the critics harp
That I'm super bright
Cause I'm so sharp

I struck a chord
Could not make that pitch
I'm not keeping score
Good thing I'm rich

Turn - and spin
Make sure I grin
When I'm dancin (yeah)
Show - some skin
While I'm singin'!

Way off key
I'm supposed to sing B
But it sounds like an E
Or something in between

I'm off key
Too many notes for me
It's a cacophony
Turn your radio (off!)

I'm off key
Idol doesn't want me
Simon told me to leave
Even Paula was mean

I'm off key
Still you listen to me
Cause I don't wear undies
And I shave my head (Whoa!)

Beautiful mounds
But I still B flat
At my best I sound
Like screeching cats

When I sing my piece
Not my aria
Of expertise

Cover - your ears
Just as you fear
You can still hear (me)
After - ten beers
Still won't sound good!

I'm off key
Should have got my degree
Now I'm out on the street
Cause I can't keep the beat
And now

I'm off key
See the audience flee
They can't stand to hear me
Everybody's gone (bye)

I'm off key
Wailing like a banshee
Under the Christmas tree
Is a muzzle for me

I'm off tone
Now the speakers are blown
From my guttural moan
Broke the microphone (oh)

I make dogs howl at the moon
Cause I sing so out of tune
Sounds like a frog is in my throat
Hate to leave on a sour note
Lost the vote
Sent home
Poor Jeff
Is tone deaf!

I'm off key
And I'm dodging debris
Getting food thrown at me
Tomatoes and broccoli

I'm off pitch
Wish it was just a glitch
But I sound like a witch
With a stuffy nose (Ah-choo)

I can't sing
Got no talent to bring
I'll just make your ears sting
When I'm out caroling

I'm off key
One, two, five…I mean three!
Holy grenade throw thee
At the fierce rabbit (BOOM!)
(Jeff Reuben)
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