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Revolution 42 
By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap
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Duration: 8:18 (weirdojace) 
Release Date: 8/15/2009  (DJ Particle) 
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Licensing: CC (weirdojace) 
  • Parody of "Revolution 9" by The Beatles. No, I'm not kidding. (weirdojace)
  • Song Lyrics:
    42. 42. 42. 42. 42. 42. 42. 42. Spandex is the only thing that makes me feel adequate. And the worst part is that they'll always be better than you. They will always be better than you and more successful than you. And they will always hate you and mock you behind your back. You must kill them. Central scrutinizer. You run to your mama and you cry. And bury your face in her boobs. Star Wars doodiley boop-pe-doo. Rap. Rap. We like to rap. Suffed animal baby. Wop-wop! The moonwalk. The Cha-Cha Slide. The chicken dance. Atlantis. All worms look just like elephants. Sex over the phone! Kooky kooks. Raping babies. Myspace. Myspace. You look like someone who has a lunch table all to himself at school. Lint! Did I mention that I'm a professional yak shaver? Mouth eyes. Montgomery! Ooh, that thing has numbers on it! Whee. I'm Mr. Bucket! Put your balls in my top! Uhh, six year old Brian thought it funny to flush Mr. Bear down the toilet. Nobody wants to hear my voice and that's just sad! Hot dog! The elephant can't control himself! So Mini Mouse and Goofy are having sex. Cartoons! You can sell my music and make a profit right off of me! Deluding things with water doesn't taste very nice. I'm Ben Bernanke, Spencer. And I want your teeth for the federal reserve. Hey there, I'm Jesus! You want some money? He walked just like a moose. Norbie, what happens when you're over? I've got no rear view mirror. Oh Ben. Dumbledore! What you got there, Ben? Even though we're vanishing, we'll be back over and over again at virtually no cost to the network! OH NO! So you saw that movie Saw? Well I saw it too. I'm gonna saw you! Having these balls make me feel something that resembles joy, I think. I want to caress them. Allow me. Mein feurer, I can walk! Suffed animal baby. London Bridge is falling down! La la la nice lady. You kids like jazz?! Chemical X. Space madness. Uhh, SAM just crashed! Why did it just crash? Hayley Williams! The meaning of you putting your arm through our door... and feeling me. Barack is actually Swahili for "That One." This is worse than Gigli! John! We take naked pictures of selves! Waspinator! Not right now, Derrick! My vagina filled with insects and my saggy boobs full of baby's blood. The big giants spiders and the ants and cockroaches and stuff. Where were you the day Squid totally beefed it? It's bad enough that you bring this stubbornness into my life and into mom's life! Now we're all just pro-evolution! Bees. You know, their stuffed animal baby. Underneath, hilarious, oxymoron, clause. Get to know, minor key, it was a bad oven. Cartoons! Cartoons! Cartoons! Hello! I am a church! You don't understand! We all need oxygen. I dropped the screw in the tuna! I am a delicious grape feeze pop. Lick me! Suck on my juices! I like it when things slither down my throat. I drive a Chevrolet movie theater. Wall-E! Montgomery. I'm goin' back to L.A. Hmm, I guess so. You got a fungus growing on your scrotum! Oh, it feels so good! Oh, oh yes! You inserted it?! MySpace! Mommy's broken. Oh, I hate you! Chocolate rain, ate a baby's face in the park today. You think God can't see into the future? When I grow up, I'm gonna be a mongoose. A terrorist fist jab? You sit there for the rest of your life with nowhere to go and no one to be! Not infected? NOT INFECTED?! No, he has teeth where his teeth should be! Make love like a man. I'm a man. At Wal-Mart! Bill Nye the Science Guy. But if you become naked...I will die a virgin! Number 9. Where does his hand go if that's his butt? Just to **** you off. You wanna do it in my butt? Holy cow, a talking bird! Do it live! Stroke back her hair... Ovary Man! I've got a bike! And kiss her lips... But the stains you left on my heart are forever! You left them there! You left them there! That's how dumb you sound! If anybody suffers from intestinal itching... All this horrible jolliness is getting to me! No, that is not it! I am doomed to a life of comic mishap adventures and social indignations! Well if I can't have a penis, then you can't have one neither! Or spandex, or spandex, or spandex... Number 9, number 9, number 9. You! You! What could be greater than golf with a gator? One time, I saw a cow, and it pooped. It's like watching a bunch of lesbians dance together. It's like an orgasm in my fingers. So you wanna see if your kissing is as good as your dancing? Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. You've been a great audience. Cartoons! Cartoons! Cartoons! Cartoons! You have less of a life than I do. (weirdojace)
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    08-15-09, #BR-09-77
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    Messages about the song: "Revolution 42"
    weirdojace   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  08-16-09 01:42 AM  -  12 years ago
    Not added to as in length, we keep adding stuff on top of it.
    Max DeGroot   Offline  -  Artist  -  08-16-09 12:51 AM  -  12 years ago
    But it's 8 minutes long!!
    weirdojace   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  08-15-09 10:39 PM  -  12 years ago
    Thanks! :)

    I won't be uploading the mp3 just yet though. We tend to add more stuff to it randomly so I won't be uploading that till I know we're not adding anymore.
    DJ Particle   Offline  -  Moderator, Artist & D.J.  -  08-15-09 12:03 PM  -  12 years ago
    Ok, this officially is cool! :)
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