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Duration: 3:17 
Release Date: 2007  (weirdojace) 
Lyrics By: Neil Cicierega (weirdojace) 
Music By: Neil Cicierega (weirdojace) 
Produced By: Neil Cicierega (weirdojace) 
Released By: Neil Cicierega (weirdojace) 
Published By: Neil Cicierega (weirdojace) 
  • This song was later covered by Nuclear Bubble Wrap and released on The FuMP. (weirdojace)
  • Birdfucker is a song about a man who fucks birds. Neil originally posted it on the Something Awful Forums under a new pseudonym, Grapes and Sunshine, instead of associating it with Lemon Demon. (“I have created an entirely new musical pseudonym for this, as my regular band has some fans who are little kids who obsessively collect my songs. This song is specially for goons. And otherkin.”) As such, it was not announced to the Lemon Demon fan community, although many found the song and shared it amongst one another. After someone eventually posted a link to the song on the Lemon Demon forum in 2009, Neil decided that the bird’s out of the bag and that he would stop hiding it. (weirdojace)
  • Song Lyrics:
    You spend your days birdwatching
    while petting your sapsucker
    and pelican debauching
    and goosing some poor clucker.

    The early bird will get the worm
    if “worm” is just a cutesy term
    you’re using to describe your sperm.


    Now when you buy a chicken
    you don’t want to pluck her, no.
    You’d rather stick your dick in,
    you filthy rubber ducker.

    And in your wettest dream you
    let an ostrich and an emu
    peck your neck and double team you.

    You f**k birds.
    There are no words
    except Birdfucker.

    You’d get foul with an owl.
    You’d make sweet love to a turtle dove.
    You want to screw a cockatoo.
    You’d plug your hole with an oriole.
    The common loon is your favorite poon.
    You’d love a swan to come upon.
    You’d bury your meat in a parakeet.
    You’d f**k an eagle if it weren’t illegal.
    There is no quail you wouldn’t nail.
    There is no stork you wouldn’t pork.
    You’d spill your sauce on an albatross.
    Let loose your juice on Mother Goose.

    Oh yes, you’re throbbin’ for a robin, so good;
    misbehavin’ with a raven
    and a woodpecker pecking your wood;
    and the swallow swallows your birdseed.
    That’s what you need:
    to skeet-skeet to the tweet-tweet;
    And you’re ******’ a falcon,
    and your c**k’s in a hawk,
    and you wanna make ‘em all go squawk…

    …because you’re a Birdfucker.
    You f**k birds.
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    02-27-10, #ROTP_288
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