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Song Details
Draining The Lizard on a Dead Gay Wizard 
By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap
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Duration: 2:50 
Release Date: 7/14/2009  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Jace McLain/Tim Crist (weirdojace) 
Music By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap (weirdojace) 
Produced By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap (weirdojace) 
Released By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap (weirdojace) 
Published By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap (weirdojace) 
Licensing: CC 
  • Features Worm Quartet on backing vocals and keyboards (weirdojace)
  • Song Lyrics:

    Dumbledore died a pretty long while ago
    But his followers mourn to this day
    A tragic event, we wish that he didn’t go
    Then we later found out that he was gay
    Well I was dicking around outside the castle grounds
    And I found the beloved man’s grave
    So to pay my respects I set some flowers out
    And I water them in my own special way

    I’m draining the lizard on a dead gay wizard
    There’s a slight chance of rain for our headmaster today
    I’m leaking the Schwartz upon the master of Hogwarts
    And I’m pissing on Dumbledore’s grave

    Dumbledore’s memory will be in our dreams
    Well, we always knew that he was Number One
    And though I’m washing those memories away in a stream
    There are many good things that he’s done
    If your day was a drought he’d always help you out
    With a golden shine from within
    He would come to your side at each catastro-pee
    So you’re safe from the danger urine

    I’m draining the lizard on a dead gay wizard
    The chamber of secrets sprung a small leak today
    I’m making an ocean with a magical potion
    And I’m pissing on Dumbledore’s grave

    This act I’m committing seems so perfect and fitting
    And it feels so good to pour these feelings out
    As he sits and decays I’m feeling pretty okay
    Besides a shower’s one thing he’s gone too long without

    From the land of the free to France where they say “oui, oui”
    They say I’m doing something awful and wrong
    But though a great flood of pee-ple might be pissed off at me
    At least they’re not getting pissed on

    I’m draining the lizard on a dead gay wizard
    I’m speaking in Parseltongue to whip out the snake
    I’m whizzing the wand to make a magical pond
    And I’m pissing on Dumbledore’s grave

    I’m draining the lizard on a dead gay wizard
    I can hear Rowling bawling but I still won’t behave
    I’m baptizing the phoenix using my full petrenis
    And I’m pissing on Dumbledore’s grave

    I’m draining the lizard on a dead gay wizard
    It’s the first wand unleashed on him since his dying day
    Though I’m merely a Muggle, I can summon a puddle

    And incase you were pee-occupied and didn’t hear me…
    I’m pissing on Dumbledore’s grave
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