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Connoisseur of Girl TV 
By: Bob Ricci
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Release Date: 4/3/2009  (DJ Particle) 
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Licensing: CC 
  • Bob Ricci - Vocals, Bob Ricci - Guitars, Bob Ricci - Bass Guitar, Jim "Jimmy 5" McCabe - Piano, Nathan Cartier - Drums (Captain Wayne)
  • Parody of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day (Captain Wayne)
  • Song Lyrics:
    I only watch the shows
    That other guys say "yup, this really blows"
    But that's the way it goes
    They all make fun of me and I watch alone

    My friends all pick on me
    Cause I'm a Connoisseur of Girl TV
    I just saw season 3
    Of Grey's Anatomy and I watched alone
    I watch alone, I watch alone
    I watch alone and I watch a...

    My friends all think my life is such a pity
    Cause I've seen every single Sex in the City
    Someday I swear I'm gonna go out and find me
    Some more testosterone

    I Tivoed Will and Grace
    If my friends knew they'd punch me in the face
    Cause I'm a big disgrace
    To males everywhere and I watch alone

    I could watch Rambo III
    A fine display of masculinity
    Instead it's The OC
    And oh, I'm still a wuss and I watch alone
    I can't watch Stallone, so I watch alone
    I watch alone and I watch a...

    My friends would stab me with a broken bottle
    If they knew I was watching Next Top Model
    Someday I swear I'll get in gear full throttle
    And find more testosterone

    It really sucks for me
    To be a connoisseur of girl TV
    But please don't bother me
    When Gossip Girl is on or I'll kick your...

    And friday night is gonna be just pure bliss
    Cause there's a marathon of Private Practice
    Sometimes I wish I could have just been born with
    Some more testosterone
    (Captain Wayne)
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