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Song Details
When We Go To MarsCon 
By: Dementia Fun Bus Crew
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Duration: 2:44 
Release Date: 3/12/2009  (DJ Particle) 
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Licensing: CC 
  • Mixed and mastered by Alchav of Soggy Potato Chips aboard the "Dementia Fun Bus" en route to MarsCon in Bloomington, MN (DJ Particle)
  • Song Lyrics:

    The following was written and recorded on the U.S.S. Blindwulf on the way to MarsCon 2009.

    when we go to marscon
    you know the wheelz for us
    chicago to Minnesota
    the dementia fun time bus

    **(Ken - all right, let's load the van... something about the backseat, all respond)**

    They call me the madman
    the one behind the wheel
    to get us all to marscon
    I organized this deal

    **(DJ Phoenix:)**
    My name is DJ Phoenix
    I always have a blade
    Sometimes it is of light
    Of steel are others made

    The new guy on the fun bus
    You didn't think you'd have
    The Big, Bad Booyah Daddy,
    The DJ known as Trav!

    when we go to marscon
    you know the wheelz for us
    chicago to Minnesota
    the dementia fun time bus

    **(Carrie, refer to picking up BMZ in Portage WI, all respond)**

    Six years I have been riding
    I'm called the Roadtripper
    I'm usually in shotgun
    Best friend to the driver.

    I'm Carrie's techie husband
    And i got the net work on
    i think i finally fixed it
    on no the powers .....(gone)

    The last one on the fun bus
    Break Man has brought the groove.
    Since "too much stuff" was packed there,
    They tied me on the roof.

    when we go to marscon
    you know the wheelz for us
    chicago to Minnesota
    the dementia fun time bus

    **(Bill starts = Menomonee... nee nee nee nee nee, all respond)**

    i bring all the tech gear
    and i bring the fun
    wires, mics and mixers
    i am the blasted one

    In the back seat with my laptop
    Doin' IRC and E-mail
    Fell asleep on a passenger
    And now I've got a female

    Crammed in with my buddiez
    The trip's 8 hours long
    The time passed quickly this time
    Writing lyrics for this song

    Now that we're at marscon
    we hug and greet our friends
    they help us with unloading
    and now the con begins. YAY!!!

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