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By: Matthias
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Duration: 3:51 
Release Date: 1/16/2009  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Matthias (belowaveragedave) 
Music By: Matthias (belowaveragedave) 
Produced By: Matthias (belowaveragedave) 
Released By: (belowaveragedave) 
Published By: Matthias Parodies (belowaveragedave) 
Licensing: CC 
  • Parody of "Creep" by Radio Head (belowaveragedave)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Other deserts make you snore
    Those cookies, and peach pie
    Get tossed out with bagels
    We’re great freshly fried
    A pancake but better
    With some whip-cream swirled
    And coat me in syrup
    A whole lot of syrup!

    Cause I’m a crepe!
    I’m a pastry!
    Thanks to bakers I am put here
    I made my premier

    I don’t care if you bite
    Or you can eat me whole
    You know that I taste yummy
    You know my taste is gold
    And if you’re a novice
    To the pastry you found
    The French think I’m scrumptious
    Now you’ll think I’m scrumptious

    Cause I’m a crepe!
    A thin flapjack!
    Slice some apples and some pears
    French just like éclairs!

    Pull… Out the frying pan!
    Try… Frying one
    Then fry fry fry… some more

    Will suit you when you’re hungry
    Won’t eat that croissant
    It’s hard as a pebble
    These don’t taste like pebbles!

    Cause I’m a crepe
    A slim hotcake
    The great flavor cannot compare
    When baked by Pierre
    Your stuck to your chair
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