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Song Details
Duration: 4:33 (DJ Particle) 
Release Date: 11/18/2008  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Steve Jay / Jon Schwartz (Tim P. Ryan) 
Music By: Steve Jay / Jon Schwartz (Tim P. Ryan) 
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
Song Lyrics:
Al's Band
Steve Jay / Jon Schwartz, 2008

Ever wonder what it’s like in Al’s band?
Kind of complicated but we’ll tell you what we can
Lots of people ask us what goes on in Al’s band
This is our song and we’ll start where we began

Back in the beginning before we started
Al sent songs to Doctor Demento
Then met Jon who played the drums and then
He said “we should start a band“
That was the moment the fun began

They met Steve and he became the bass man
He knew Jim who played guitar and then Al had his band
Early on we did a show with Missing Persons
Playing our best but got boo’d by their fans

We cut our first album in three days
After that we knew what to do
We hit the road on tour and then we were on our way
Happy to be playing our music for you

Then before we knew it, we’d started something
We got to make our second album
That’s when Eat It was a hit and went gold
And it changed everything
We had a tour bus at our command

We dared to be stupid on plastic bovines
With ice cream pressed against our foreheads
Johnny Carson asked if we would play polkas on his tv show
We got some help from the Tonite Show band

Polka Party came and went
Featuring Christmas At Ground Zero
And it didn’t chart for too long
But it had some great songs

Then we joined a tour with the Monkees
Going on the road with Mickey Dave and Pete was neat
Even worse the album where we did the fat song
We were too thin to be in the video
UHF was next we played the film score

After that we found our keyboard man
“I am Ruben how do you do?”
We took him in and put him in a cone bra
Now he plays piano and he also plays it cool

Then we went, and jumped off of the deep end
And reached nirvana
And then came Alapalooza
Wearing our horns and silver paint just like the Chili Peppers do
Or did, when we made the Bedrock video

Canada was next in line for Al’s band
That was where we learned how to say Saskatchewan
We were getting popular outside our native land
That opened the door to a world full of fans
So we went to OZ and to New Zealand
When we did bad hair day, the Amish video
We were outstanding in our field
Then we all went, running with the scissors
The saga began and it was more than
All about, pentiums
We were featured on The Simpsons as animated characters
An honor for all of us

Never get, tired of playing in Al’s band
So much fun to play all the styles that we do
How about a solo from the drummer of the band
Take it now Bermuda don’t make it too bland
“I’ll add percussion to lend a hand”

Poodle Hat was different, with Couch Potato
Our first single without a video
But the coup de grace was Genius In France
It was tres magnifique
Al and the band were so very proud

People ask us what it’s like in Al’s band
What it’s like to be in Mr. Yankovich’s band
Then we tell them that it’s Mr. Yankovic’s band
Not a ch the c sounds just like a k

Straight Outta Lynwood we hit top ten
White And Nerdy went platinum too
We really hope that someday we might do it again
If we do we know that it’s all thanks to you
All thank you’s to you
And you’re welcome too
Come and see us play when you can
Then you can see for yourself what is
Making all of this happen
You’re the reason why we play
Haven’t told you everything we do
We’ll have to save it for part two

There’s so much to talk about with Al’s band
Pardon us for rambling it went longer than we planned
That’s a little bit of what it’s like in Al’s band
This is our song come and see us when you can

One big happy family right here in Al’s band
Now that we’ve told you we hope you understand
Why we love to play in Mister Yankovic’s band
This is our song come and see us if you can

(Tim P. Ryan)
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