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Duration: 3:24 
Release Date: 1987  (sfjpk30) 
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Song Lyrics:
LOU: Hey, Hymie, here's some beach that's unoccupied by semi-naked young women in need.

HYMIE: Let's sit here. Great, Lou! Wow, this is hot!

LOU: Super hot! Sizzling!

HYMIE: No, Lou, I mean I'm sweating. How come we're the only guys on the beach wearing corduroy pants and winter jackets? Woo!

LOU: Open your eyes, Hymie.

HYMIE: Huh? |interruption|

LOU: We are virtually surrounded by bikini-clad beach bunnies.

HYMIE: Whoa! |interruption|

LOU: If we were to strip down to swim wear they'd get a noseful of our pungent male musk and they'd...just go MAD!!!

HYMIE: Really? Couldn't we just wear oversized swimsuits to keep our male animal parts covered?

LOU: If they even saw our rippling ankles it would be Wam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam, thank you, Hymie.

HYMIE: But I'm sweating Lou!

LOU: Better a little sweat than fifteen lubed up vixens lining up to ride the Love Stud Express. Destination: Convulsions of Pleasure!

HYMIE: I guess so. But all this heat makes my head feel, well it feels like my head's going to explode!


HYMIE: Ahhhh!!! My head exploded!!

LOU: No, that girl's frisbee hit ya.

HYMIE (aside): Um. Here's your f-frisbee b-b-b-back m-miss.

LOU: She says thanks. Take me now, sex bronco is more like it.

HYMIE: Really?

LOU: Every part of her body has become a hypersensitive organ of immediate gratification.

HYMIE: I never realized my male bliss factory could create such sexual tension!

LOU: Sure! Why do you think they call it--

TOGETHER:--breast-stroke? They wish!

LOU: Those saucy senoritas are dreaming of our sweaty palms sending their rosebuds off to the rockets red glare.

HYMIE: What is this power we have over women, Lou?

LOU: Well Hymie, technically it's called, "Super Love God Macho Power." Basically it drives chicks...MAD!!!

HYMIE: Wow, maybe we should get our taut stallion haunches off this beach. Why don't we go lie under the sprinkler in my yard?

LOU: Good idea, Hymie. That way the ladies won't be tempted to jump our industrial strength maleness and drain us of every fluid in our bodies. Grab the thermos of RC Cola, let's go commandos, it's howling time.


LOU: Yes, Hymie?

HYMIE: If these chicks here are so hot for us, then how come none of them are even watching us leave?

LOU: They're holding it in check, Hymie. They're barely keeping themselves from crazy-gluing their loins to ours, using their throbbing thighs as sea clamps.

HYMIE: You mean, if we stay a second longer...


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Played on 4 shows:
07-25-20, #AOTA-20072510-14-03, #ISGD-03-40
11-05-06, #MMS-5206-28-87, #87-26
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