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Foul Mouthed Me 
By: Red Ant
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Duration: 4:49 (belowaveragedave) 
Release Date: 5/11/2007  (belowaveragedave) 
Lyrics By: Red Ant (belowaveragedave) 
Music By: Red Ant (belowaveragedave) 
Produced By: Red Ant (belowaveragedave) 
Released By: Red Ant (belowaveragedave) 
Published By: Red Ant (belowaveragedave) 
Licensing: CC (belowaveragedave) 
  • Parody of "Foul Mouthed Me" by Red Ant (belowaveragedave)
  • Song Lyrics:
    "Blome E. Tweiss - fake name, harsh lyrics!"

    Two trailer trash wh**es who offer a ride
    All for a five, mouths open wide
    [ah!, (d***-a-d***-d***...), ah!]

    Used trailer trash wh**es are batting thier eyes
    Look at my five, laugh at my guy!
    [bah!, (not much d*** d***...), bah!, [Boo!]

    Guess who's back . . .
    Back again . . .
    Antman's back . . .
    To offend! . . .
    Talks of crap, praises crack, sells kids smack, tortures cats,
    tossed jim-hats, this and that, yes, I'm bad....
    (Hummer, humping, err, humming part)

    {lights up a joint}
    Someone started a rumor -
    - "there no bloody humor in cursing, you bore!"
    It's so crazy, my wild grammar? {yeah!}
    Hell, if you want crazy, s*** is what I'll hand ya!
    A little piece of me, pissed off with no manners
    A warning this isn't fit for your grandmas
    Say your shocked when I yell "FOCK"? That's thin-skinned, kiddo
    'snot the Bible that I am annihilating
    Ca(i)n, I mock when I'm Abel, vi'lent violating! {yay!}
    So sick of my song, but while it's playing
    You step back and do a dance that smile is staying
    You think I await a trial in Hades?
    Please, don't keep the insane asylum waiting!
    See, the FCC's afraid of me
    'cause I streamed more pee than R Kelly
    Howard Stern could learn some new words, obscene
    When I talk so filthy, foul-mouthed me!
    So, love on and live, hug all and kiss? {pfft!}
    F*** that!, suck on her ***t, and b***er her kids!
    Don't get pissy
    ..When I rap s*** in this ditty-
    -'cause you know it's f*****' awesome
    D***, I'M WITTY!

    Now this looks like the song for me
    To shout out sev'ral obscenities
    'cause we need a little vulgarity
    So God d*** [oh man!] pro-fanity!

    I said this looks like a hit indeed
    So everybody will b**** at me
    But we need a little indecency
    And it's so d***** funny - talk unclean!

    Killin' horses, still porkin' their corpses
    Look gorgeous in Georgia performin' abortions
    Went car jackin' and wreckin' some Porsches
    'til someone got pissed off and said "Come on, no more S***!!!"
    My commentary? "Someone just dared me!
    I'm quite a 'people person'" {psych!} I'm evil and scary!
    Red Devil, and one whose mad level surpassed
    Saddam's acts, too bad he didn't get killed on a rack! {snap!}
    Young boys and pastors, everyone's after me!
    And even the Pacifists wants to lash their fist at me?
    Yeah, I'm bad! (fap-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fap) { j**zed! }
    Sick: parent's dilemma. Rude ta them, the man's worse than Eminem!-
    -I'm not Bart, there's no Principle Skinner
    A sinner by invention, back with a winner
    I've never resting, the death bed's protesting!
    Requesting the Cardiac gods arrest me! {missed!}
    Test me? Convention leaves
    Breed dissention, soon as someone questions me
    Fear my vengeance, 'cause eventu'lly
    I'll screw them **** **** - who censored me?!

    Now this looks like the song for me
    To shout out sev'ral obscenities
    'cause we need a little vulgarity
    So God d*** [oh man!] pro-fanity!

    I said this looks like a hit indeed
    So everybody will b**** at me
    But we need a little indecency
    And it's so d***** funny - talk unclean!

    I rip gits and half-wits, and flow **** in caskets
    "Man, this sod is rude!" Please, go kiss my assets!
    Missus Fat B*tch - you should get that snatch stiched
    We could use sev'ral less misfit slack kids
    Unholy? But a Priest, *once*, fun-holed me
    I should have got Ted "The Meth" Haggard to b*** me
    They won't own me, I'm too bold, can't slow
    Stand closer - nobody listens to Ant though!
    My rant flows -
    - Envisioned opinions,
    But I'm sharin' this fun list. One with some symptoms:
    I sling c** like Gene Simmons in a bim, dumb
    Yeah, I knew Tourette: I GAVE HIM HIS SYNDROME!
    Well sometimes a song's extreme
    'cause not everbody wants cute comedy
    The balls on me, uncalming seas
    Appalling? Please! You can't conceive!
    Say your eyes are stinging, your ears are ringing?
    Heard what I'm singing, I got you thinking!
    For you to question "what is filthy?"
    My view is, yes, some smut is healthy!
    {Nay!} Just a construct of words
    That I threw together might offend's absurd
    The real problem's how many dish "morals", free
    'cause I've seen them acting worse than me!

    So this looked like a lock for me
    To point out staggering hypocrisy
    Hope the open minded rock on with me
    While the most offended foul-mouth me!

    I said this looked like a job for me
    Not everybody will follow me
    But you need the little dark side of me
    And I'm never ending foul-mouthed me!

    (hum out a bunch of warm cheery thoughts)

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