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Release Date: 1959  (Dave AuJus) 
Lyrics By: Frank Guida, Joseph Royster (Dave AuJus) 
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By: Legrand records (Dave AuJus) 
Published By: Pepe (Dave AuJus) 
Licensing: BMI (Dave AuJus) 
  • (kahnman)
  • Song Lyrics:
    High school U.S.A.

    High school U.S.A.
    High school U.S.A.
    High school U.S.A.
    High school U.S.A.
    High school U.S.A.

    Come Friday noon
    Bout a half past three
    (High school U.S.A.)
    I drop my books and my misery
    (High school U.S.A.)

    Stroll up and down
    Through the soda shop
    (High school U.S.A.)
    Drop a coin in the old jukebox
    (High school U.S.A.)

    Well now looking all around
    What did I see
    Every school kid
    There could ever be

    They come from Pittsburgh
    Chicago and Boston too
    New Orleans, San Diego
    And old St. Lou

    Cleveland, Portland, and L. A.
    Fort Worth, Charlotte
    And Frisco Bay

    Detroit, Newark and Memphis too
    Well, they wanna do the
    High school bop with you

    Well, come Saturday morning
    They were still going strong
    (High school U.S.A.)
    They've been rocking and
    A-rolling all night long
    (High school U.S.A.)

    No time to study on their ABC's
    (High school U.S.A.)
    Mmm they're getting their lessons
    On the birds and the bees
    (High school U.S.A.)

    Yeah all across the floor
    They're doing the hop
    Everybody's doing that
    High school bop

    They come from Dallas
    Cincinnati and good old Philly
    Houston, Raleigh, and Kansas City

    Miami, Baltimore and Washington
    Norfolk, Atlanta and Charleston

    Birmingham, Jacksonville
    Tulsa too
    Well they wanna do the
    High school bop with you

    There was St. Paul
    Nashville and San Antone
    New York, Hartford, and Oklahome
    Camden, Durham, Indianapolis
    Buffalo, Tampa, Minneapolis

    New Orleans
    Columbus, Seattle too
    They all wanna do the
    High school bop with you

    (High school U.S.A.)
    (High school U.S.A.)
    Mmm, look out
    (High school U.S.A.)
    (High school U.S.A.)...

    (Dave AuJus)
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