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The Land Before Time DCLXVI: Big Rock in the Sky 
By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap
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Duration: 6:15 
Release Date: 3/18/2008  (peterpuck9) 
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Licensing: CC 
  • The Roman numerals translate to 666! (peterpuck9)
  • Song Lyrics:
    A great new day in the Great Valley
    Munching on these leaves and berries
    Iím Littlefoot and hereís my story
    As this day flies by before me

    Hey, Littlefoot!
    Itís your best friend Cera!
    Why are you talking
    Out loud to yourself?

    Hey, weíre in the Land Before Time!
    Oh yes yes yes yes yes
    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
    Did I mention yes?

    Yes, yes you did.
    So guys, what shall we do today?
    We could visit sharpteeth or playÖ

    (Mysterious Dinosaur)
    Hey there kidsÖ you guys arenít thinking about having fun today, are you? Cause you know whatís gonna happen today? The
    flyers are predicting a falling rock that could wipe out our whole civilization. We just hate to inform you thatÖ

    What is this guy saying, there is no way that could happen
    How could flyers even see a rock that is that far away?
    I think that we shouldnít worry

    (Some other dinosaur)
    You speak nonsense, boy! Oh hurry
    Please run and seek shelter, scurry!

    Whoís predicting this thing, now?

    Over here guys, itís me, Petrie!
    I know whoís predicting this stuff
    Itís some other guy named Neil
    Who Iíve never seen before

    Well, um, hi. My nameís Neil and I donít play anything and I came back in time to rock out in a dinosaurchestra, but um, I shook my magic 8 ball and it said weíre all gonna die but um, weíre gonna keep playing because I wanna be optimistic!

    Everything works out nice in the end
    The sun will marry the moon
    Itíll be fine
    Why donít we sit back mellow again
    And have a nice afternoonó

    Hey. Nobody cares. And sun marrying the moonówhat does that mean?

    Youíre meanÖ come on, my DinosaurchestraÖ you guys can go die in a meteor crash.

    You mean that meteor?

    Oh look in the sky!

    Look up real high!

    Itís quite appareniet

    That weíre gonna die!

    (Ducky) (Nope nope nope nope...)

    Warn everybody!

    Oh whatís the point, dude?

    Ducky shut up please!

    Explosions are very rude!

    Oh itís coming closer!

    Letís hide in the bushes!

    Thatís not gonna help us!

    Well give me ideas now!!

    I canít even think cause
    Ducky is whining

    Well soon weíll be dying!

    Instead Iíll be flying!

    Everyone listen!
    Weíre all gonna die soon!

    (Dinosaur with British Accent)
    Well you sir speak nonsense
    Itís a fine afternoon

    Weíre all gonna stay here, stay here, stay here
    We will be fine, so let us be in peace

    Youíre wrong! Youíre wrong! Youíre wrong! Youíre wrong!

    Youíre wrong! Youíre wrong! Youíre wrong! Youíre wrong!


    Thatís the meteor and we dunno what to do

    Itís coming even faster, soon existence will be through

    Itís been nice knowing all you guys, I guess this is goodbye

    Iím going to escape by flying way up in the s---AAAAHH!!!

    And that is the story of the extinction of the dinosaurs, my friends. All throughout the land, each dinosaurís only purpose was now to be fossilized, and for scientists to dig them up thousands of years later. In the land where dinosaurs once roamed, there were no more. It was time for a new dominant species, new evolutions, new birds, reptiles, and mammals. There were no more worries about being eaten by a T-Rex, no more dominance by ability to rip things to shreds, no more cold blooded flying reptiles, and most importantly, there were no more Land Before Time sequels.
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    05-31-09, #ROTP_24911-07-08, #BR-08-45
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