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Song Lyrics:
This is why I’m fat
This is why I’m fat
This is why, this is why
This is why I’m fat
This is why I’m fat
This is why I’m fat
This is why, this is why
This is why I’m fat

I’m fat cuz I eat
You aint cuz you don’t
This is why, this is why
This is why I’m fat

This is why I’m fat
I eat McE Dee’s
I will get a super size and even add to that
I go to the drive thru
I order this and that
And then I get my total
And drive roun’ to the back
I love the curly curly
Cuz those fries seasoned up
My stomach start to growl
As soon as I start to pay
But I have to wait
Just one minute or so
So when I get my food
I cannot wait to eat no more
And if I need some ketchup
I just ask right away
Grabbing my bag now
Drive off with no delay
Going with a burnout
As soon as I drive away
Now I just go go
To eat my food today
And when I eat it all
I go into the stall
And then I make a mess in the (in the poor) poor toilet bowl
All the people run fast and then they hide
They ask me how I did it and I simply replied

This is why I’m fat
Eatin’ while I walk
Any given day
Another pound about to drop
6 candy bars, and 2 cans of pop
4’r more ding dongs, I’ll eat whatev’r junk you got
I’m at home eating food
Chewin’ every bite
I’ve emptied out big buffets still wanting more
When I need a snack, I eat a whole meal
I eat more than I need you know my stomach doesn’t stop
I call my buddy Ben, meet me at the store
I hit Wal-Mart get some doughnuts in my bag
We into big dinners see our fatness never lacked
Find me at a grocery with two carts and a big bag
You know that I am coming if a mans selling ice cream
Buddy you best watch out if you can hear that ding-a-ling
I don’t eat lean cuisine, gimme’ some Burger King
And when I say I’m fat, 400 pounds is what I mean

This is why I’m fat
Gaining extra weight
Ask me what I ate and I say what didn’t I eat?
And then I eat a lunch made of all raw meat
Ten chicks around my waste they know that I cannot be beat
They grab on a roll
I can fit another girl
We hit the restaurant they say they love how I eat corn
I gave them some food
And finished the rest
Now every time they see me they all know what’s going on
They know that I’m a blimp
They love the way my charm
Mixes with my pimp
They compliment the gut
Which compliments the food
They aren’t ever rude
And when I’m in a room the skinnies stop and stare
The thinnies losin’ weight rearrange their hate
Little do they know it’s cool to have your waste wide
I just sigh you skinnies wanna die?
Don’t annoy a fat man cuz I’ll sit on your face
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