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Song Lyrics:
I resent performing for you *******!
Tell me, what do you know?
A lot of ****** middle-class kids
Wearing long hair and trendy clothes.
Look, I'm not your f***ing parents
And I'm sick of uptight hippies coming knocking at me door
With a f***ing peace symbol
Get this, got that I don't owe you ******* anything.
And all I've got to say is "f**k you!"

The sky is blue.

And Mick Jagger
I think that Mick's a joke with all his stupid ****** dancing
I always did.
Wiggling his ass, you know, its just a lot of bulls**t.
And where does he come off saying all those tarty things about the Beatles?
When every f***ing thing we ever did Mick tried to copy
and you know we even wrote his second f***ing record for him
No, the Stones, aren't the same in class as the Beatles,
either music-wise or power-wise; they never ever were.

Pardon me sir.

Paul said he hated Yoko
Tell me, why should Yoko have to take that kind of s**t -
s**t from those f***ing sons of bitches?
George said she gave off evil vibes
I should have beat the f***ing s**t right out of him,
him with his f***ing Hari Krishnas.

Me Auntie she tore up me f***ing poems
She just threw the bastards out.
I can't forgive her 'cause she didn't treat me like a f***ing genius.
Look, you bastards, I'm a genius!
Like Shakespeare and Beethoven and Van Gogh.
Don't you DARE criticize my work!
"Don't Worry Kyoko" is one of the f***ing BEST rock and roll records ever made!
I'm a f***ing artist!
I'm sensitive as s**t!
I throw up before I go on stage!
I could make a guitar SPEAK!
If I could be a fisherman, I would, But I CAN'T because I'm a f***ing GENIUS!
I was the Walrus - Paul wasn't the Walrus!
I was just saying that to be nice, but I was actually the Walrus!
You know that rubbish he's been singing?
Yoko is a supreme intellectual!
I'll tell you why nobody likes her music
because she's a woman, and she's Oriental, that's why!

Where are you Mother?
They're trying to crucify me!

Genius is pain,
Genius is pain,
Genius is pain,
Genius is PAIN!!
{Fade out on howling and gutteral screaming)

Yoko's voice: The dleam is over.
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