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Duration: 1:44 
Release Date: 1980  (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Lyrics By: Jones/Palin (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Music By: N/A (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Produced By: Eric Idle (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Released By: Arista AL 9536 (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Published By: Kay-Gee-Bee Music Ltd. (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Licensing: BMI 
  • "...and the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals and fruit-bats..."

    Yes, Michael Palin reads a meeean scripture, he does. This bit is likely inspired by the aforementioned sequence from Holy Grail and is used again in the school church scene preceding 'O Lord, Please Don't Burn Us' from Python's "Meaning of Life". (Stavro Arrgolus)
  • This somewhat blasphemous 'fake sermon' sketch is likely the inspiration for Rowan Atkinson's "Amazing Jesus/Wedding at Cana" sketch performed at '80s 'Secret Policemen's Ball' concerts for Amnesty International and his solo stage shows. (Stavro Arrgolus)
  • Python has another go at the Church of England, a favorite target of theirs over the years. (Stavro Arrgolus)
  • Song Lyrics:
    (vicar [Michael Palin] reading 'sermon':)

    And it came to pass that Saint Victor was taken from this place to another place, where he was lain upon pillows of silk and made to rest himself amongst sheets of muslin and velvet. And there stro-ked was he by maidens of the Orient. Full sixteen days and nights stro-ked they him, yea verily and caress-ed him. His hair, ruf-fled they and their fingers rubbeth they in oil of olives and runneth them across all parts of his body forasmuch as to soothe him. And the soles of his feet lick-ed they and the upper parts of his thigh did they anoint with the balm of forbidden trees. And with the teeth of their mouths, nibbleth they the pointed bits at the top of his ears. Yea verily, and did their tongues thereof make themselves acquainted...with his most secret places.

    For fifteen days and nights did Victor withstand these maidens, but on the sixteenth day he cried out, saying, " fantastic! Oh...this is terrific!" And the Lord did hear the cry of Victor. And verily came He down and slew the maidens. And caused their cotton wool buds to blow away, and their Kleenex to be laid waste utterly. And Victor, in his anguish, cried out that the Lord was a rotten bastard. And the Lord sent an angel to comfort Victor for the weekend. And entered they together the jacuzzi.

    Here endeth the lesson.
    (Stavro Arrgolus)
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    06-25-10, #ROTP_30508-22-09, #ROTP_261
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