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Song Details
Duration: 2:53 
Release Date: 12/22/2007  (Haul-E-Weird) 
Lyrics By: Music & Lyrics by Veronique Chevalier (Haul-E-Weird) 
Music By: Music & Lyrics by Veronique Chevalier (Haul-E-Weird) 
Produced By: Billy Baker (Haul-E-Weird) 
Released By: Cyphyre Music LLC (Haul-E-Weird) 
Published By:

Bubbe's Hannah Cat (Hanukkat)

Voted The Mad Music Archive
Best New Holiday Song of 2007
- Haul-E-Weird
  • Recorded in Billy's living room on Friday and Saturday,
    December 14th & 15th, 2007. (Haul-E-Weird)
  • Billy Baker: Producer, Engineer, FX, Keys, Voice of Bubbe (Haul-E-Weird)
  • Veronique Chevalier: Voice of Child, & Hannah Cat (Haul-E-Weird)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Bubbe's Hannah Cat (Hanukkat)
    Music & Lyrics by Veronique Chevalier

    Child sings:
    Bubbe's angel she can't fly
    Her looks would not win any prize
    Her favorite kids are me, myself and I
    She's Bubbe's Hannah Cat

    Child sings:
    If you got a pet you're lucky coz
    A fuzzy-wuzz with tiny paws
    Beats any gift from the in-laws
    Like Bubbe's Hannah Cat
    (Tiny "meow" sound)

    Chorus- Child sings:
    This is my favorite time of year
    To be with friends and family
    With yamikas and lots of cheer
    And Hannah Cat the cute kitty

    Child sings:
    It's kinda tough on old Bubbe
    Cooking for our family
    I hate her matzo balls, you see
    So I sneak 'em to Hannah Cat
    (louder "meow" sounds)

    Chorus- Child sings carelessly:
    La la la la la la la la
    La la la la la something
    Something la la whateveah
    So have a Happy Hanaukah

    Child sings nicely again:
    Animal angels have flippers or fins
    And they love you through thick and thin
    Some grow horns and hairless skin?

    Child whimpers:
    B-bubbe What's happening to Hannah Cat?
    And B-b-b-b-ubbe What's happening to you????

    That's BEEZLE-Bubbe to you, little brat!
    Don't you think I noticed
    You haven't been eating
    My matzo balls?
    I'll teach you! Ungrateful schwein kind!
    Hannah Cat- ATTACK!

    (A melee ensues)

    Child's singsong:
    La la la la la la la
    La la la la la la la, etc.

    Veronique Chevalier ©2007
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