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Song Details
DDR Failure Medley (FuMPsclusive Mix) 
By: DJ Particle
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Duration: 4:11 
Release Date: 10/24/2007  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: Emi M. Briet (lyrics) (DJ Particle) 
Music By:
Produced By: Emi M. Briet (DJ Particle) 
Released By: Reika Recordings (DJ Particle) 
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
  • Dual parody of "Dam Dariram" by Joga and "Nori Nori Nori" by Judy Crystal (DJ Particle)
  • Mashup of "Failing This Song" and "Baka Baka Baka", separate tracks on album But Wait, There's More!. The mashup is an online exclusive. (DJ Particle)
  • Song Lyrics:
    (sung to the tune of "Dam Dariram" by Joga)
    Lyrics (C)2001 Emi M Briet

    Failing This Sooooooooong....
    Failing This Sooooooooong....

    I play DDR every day
    I cleared all songs every way
    And that's why I can't believe
    I'm failing this song today

    (bridge & chorus)
    I saw so many around
    And they made a good crowd
    I just couldn't hide away
    So I tried to make a good show
    But unfortunately no
    My game is off today

    Even with "Dam Dariram"
    Dariram Dari Dari Dariram
    And I chose "Dam Dariram"
    Dariram Dari Dari Dariram
    But I'm failing this song today...
    Yeah I'm failing this song today...

    I...I just needed to relax
    I chose "Paranoia Max"
    And imagine my surprise
    When I failed that song today

    (bridge and chorus)

    Failing This Sooooooooong....
    Failing This Sooooooooong....

    (to the tune of "Nori Nori Nori" by Judy Crystal)
    Lyrics (c)2003 Emi M Briet

    Wanna hear some DDR music
    Song selection I gotta choose it
    "Paranoia" or "Candy (heart)"
    Or maybe I'll try "Super Star"

    (bridge & chorus)
    You know I'm feeling Luv Unlimited in me
    When I'm up on the stage I'm feeling so free
    Maybe some Re-Venge or De-Sire
    Or Jenny Rom tonight..... damn!
    Baka Baka Baka
    I failed "Waka Laka"
    "Paranoia 'ternal" no can beat (Whoa-oh)
    Baka Baka Baka
    Failed a DJ Taka
    "Paranoia Rebirth"? I'll stick to "My Fire"
    Baka Baka Baka
    I failed "Waka Laka"
    "Paranoia Max" I no can beat (Whoa-oh)
    Baka Baka Baka
    Failed a DJ Taka
    "Paranoia K-CET"? Naah, I'll just do "Higher"

    For the catas I thought I'm ready
    On the stage I could not stay steady
    "Paranoia Survivor Max"
    I must have done a "Boo" attack

    (bridge & chorus)
    (DJ Particle)
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