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Duration: 4:49 
Release Date: 7/31/2007  (davidtanny) 
Lyrics By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Music By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Produced By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Released By: (davidtanny) 
Published By:
  • This version is on the Stupid Audio CD. A newer version was produced in 2008 and is titled "I'm a Pac-Man 2008 mix" (davidtanny)
  • 10. I'm a Pac-Man with Sounds (2007) - this time, the video game character gets to sing the video game blues. Nobody noticed that it was a parody of Bo Diddley's song "I'm a Man". (davidtanny)
  • Song Lyrics:

    Copyright 2007 David Tanny. All Rights Reserved.

    I'm a Pac-Man

    01 I am a Pac Man, Yes I Am.
    02 I'm a Pac Man Baby, That's What I Am.
    03 I spend my whole life, Eating the dots.
    04 I gobble them all up, I eat lots and lots.
    05 I say P, A,
    06 C. Man.
    07 I'm being chased, By a Monster Ghost.
    08 I'll eat that power pill, and now he's toast.
    09 200, 400,
    10 800, 1600.
    11 I'm scoring the points, by eating the fruit.
    12 All the chicks dig me, they think I'm cute.
    13 I surf the maze, all day long,
    14 Buckner and Garcia, put me in a song.
    15 I've been doing this, for 25 years,
    16 I am admired by, a billion peers.
    17 I wish I could play, some other game,
    18 I'm getting sick of, the same old thing,
    19 I'd like to try, some Donkey Kong.
    20 I'll eat that gorilla, I can't go wrong.
    21 Some Space Invaders, I'll eat those aliens,
    22 I'll eat the spaceships, The fun never ends.
    23 I'll be Sonic the Hedgehog, I'll go very fast,
    24 But I ture out too soon, Don't think I can last,
    25 I'd try Dragon's Lair, But I can't hold a sword,
    26 The dragon will fry me, Or I'll end up gored.
    27 So I guess I'm gonna, Stick with the maze,
    28 Eating dots all day, That's where I'll stay.
    29 I'm a Pac Man, That's all I am,
    30 I'm a Pac Man Baby, I eat while I can.
    31 I say P, A,
    32 C. Man.
    33 200, 400,
    34 800, 1600.
    35 3200, 6400,
    36 3,333,600, That's the end of the game.
    37 I'm a Pac Man Baby, Yea.

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    Messages about the song: "I'm a Pac-Man w sound fx (2007 mix)"
    davidtanny   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  01-24-15 10:24 PM  -  6 years ago
    This is now the 2012 mix with sound fx. The 2007 mix has been discarded and no longer offered.
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