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Duration: 3:47 
Release Date: 1980  (superunknown) 
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why cant we listen to the whole song! urgggg making me mad. HELP?????- ronda
For the locals in Washingon State, this song became a classic right alongside the "gooey duck" song and other silliness. There's nothing spectacular about this song, but if you know the towns and cities mentioned, it'll make you laugh. And that's more valuable than gold.- Tamisan
Song Lyrics:
Well I saw Godzilla
Eating up Tukwila
Then he went down and ate Renton for dessert
He couldn't stand the aroma
Of the north side of Tacoma
So he gobbled up Puyallup with a burp
Now some folks saw him hurrying
down the south side of Burien
they all yelled out "oh no!"
He wandered into Sea-Tac
and ordered himself a Big Mac
and said "better make that an an Ellensburger to go."
'Course he took a big bite of Bothell
and said "ugh, that tastes awful"
so then he went and ate north Enumclaw
He drank up Lake Chelan
and then he piddled on Spokane
and fertilized half of Yakima
it was a real pity
what he did at Tri-Cities
People from Walla Walla got scared too
Down at Longacres I saw him comin'
at 10:1 I started runnin'
Why, I even ran right by Seattle Slew
Now he chewed up Wenatchee
and that made his throat scratchy
People from North Bend said
"golly, that's scary"
He marched clear around
the edge of Puget Sound
and sank the Mukilteo Ferry.
He ate up Bellingham
He left Mount Vernon burnin'
He was workin' his way on down south
And I told him "don't put Lynnnwood in your tummy
you overgrown dummy,
that place'll stick to the roof of your mouth."
I guess you know he ate up Tonasket
and he put Omak in a basket
and he marched on back across the Cascade Ridge
He says "I think I'll just ramble
up there to Port Gamble
then I can sink half the Hood Canal bridge."
You know they found Godzilla asleep
out here on the golf course
they called out the Army, the Navy and the Air Force
he says "well, we'll zap his backside
with plutonium and uranium"
that made him mad and he ate the domed stadium
He chewed up Chehalis
and Kelso and Centralia
Auburn and Kent was on his route
He ate up Bellevue and Kirkland and Monroe
He tasted Everett and he spit it out
Yeah, I saw Godzilla
eat up Tukwila
This time he tried Ballard for dessert
I could hear him say, as he wandered out of sight
he said "hiccup! burp! Hey, Dixie! This state's all right!"
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Messages about the song: "Godzilla Ate Tukwilla"
Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  03-15-08 10:11 PM  -  13 years ago
Hmm...another request for the 'whole song'. Assuming what's in the lyrics here constitutes the whole thing, it was last played last month.
Read the 'downloading shows' section of this- to get it.
smallbirdie   Offline  -  Member  -  03-15-08 09:56 PM  -  13 years ago
Where can this whole song be found?
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