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Duration: 2:26 
Release Date: 2003  (sfjpk30) 
Lyrics By:
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Song Lyrics:
Oh, when the 90s started, not too many years ago,
When Criss met Cross, and Bruce met Demi Moore...
Well, we knew that it'd be crazy, but no one could concieve of
What this wild and wacky decade had in store.

In '91, in '91, Whoopi Goldberg dressed up as a nun.
Czechoslovakia joined NATO, Dan Quayle spelled potatoe,
And Thelma & Louise were on the run.

We rocked out with Guns 'n' Roses, we pierced our ears and noses,
And that crazy old bag Zsa Zsa threw a fit.
Kurt Cobain gave us Nirvana, Dennis Rodman nailed Madonna,
And the rest of us were 2 Legit 2 Quit.

Well, some skinhead hit Geraldo, we tried to look for Waldo,
And Joey Buttafucco had a fling.
Homer Simpson shouted "D'oh!", Joey Lawrence hollered "Whoa!"
And Wayne & Garth were always yelling "Schwing!"

In '93, in '93, John Wayne Bobbitt found it difficult to pee.
Sharon Stone was getting hotter, Woody Allen nailed his daughter, and Heidi Fleiss was charging quite a fee.

The Immortal Michael Jackson got some 7-year old action,
While Slater, Zach, and Screech were cutting class.
Jerry Seinfeld met Elaine, Ross Perot had gone insane,
And Richard Gere had lost a gerbil up his ass.

In '95, in '95, O.J. took his Bronco for a drive.
Tonya Harding had no morals, Hugh Grant was getting oral,
And Paula Jones was taken by surprise.

Well, we locked up Jeffrey Dahmer, we caught the Unabomber,
And had yet another run-in with Hussein.
Carson Daly became a VJ, Bill Clinton got a BJ,
And Monica Lewinsky found a stain.

In '98, in '98, the entire cast of Friends was underweight.
Mark McGuire was exciting, Mike Tyson started biting,
And Linda Tripp got everything on tape.

Well, we all watched Jerry Springer, Eminem gave us the finger,
And Jennifer Love Hewitt couldn't act.
Austin Powers shouted "Groovy!", the Spice Girls made a movie,
And Britney Spears had suddenly got stacked.

In '99, in '99, Star Wars had a 20-hour line.
Regis Philbin started quizzin', Puff Daddy went to prison,
And Ricky Martin took it from behind.
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