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Song Details
Duration: 3:12 
Release Date:
Lyrics By: Tim Wilson () 
Music By: Tim Wilson () 
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
Keywords: ASS, BUTT, SEX 
Song Lyrics:
Okay. The show's plane's in the air. The landing gear's up. This is Tim "Booty" Wilson and the BootyCallers. They call it Booty Man.
Look at that booty. Show me the booty.
Gimme the booty. I want the booty.
Back up tha booty. I need tha booty.
I like the booty. Oh, what a booty.
Shakin' that booty. I saw tha booty.
I want the booty. Lord, what a booty.
Bring on tha booty. Give up tha booty.
Lovin' tha booty. Round booty.
Down for tha booty. I want tha booty.
Huntin' tha booty. Chasin' tha booty.
Casing tha booty. Gettin' tha booty.
Beautiful booty. Smokin' booty.
Talk to tha booty. More booty.
Fine booty.
All about tha booty. Big ol' booty.
Serious booty. Amazin' booty.
I'll take tha booty. Where is tha booty?
Stare at tha booty. Walk in tha booty.
Touchin' tha booty. Whose got tha booty?
Grabbin' tha booty. Rubbin' tha booty.
Lovin' tha booty. Huggin' tha booty.
Kissin' tha booty. Holdin' tha booty.
Watchin' tha booty. Kickin' tha booty.
Sleepin' booty. Screamin' booty.
Harder booty. Softer booty.
Sweeter booty. Sour booty.
Nude booty. Used booty.
Whose booty? Sista's booty.
Yo momma's booty. Cookin' booty.
Mean booty. Good luck with tha booty.
Farm booty. Home booty.
Road booty. Found booty.
Covered booty. Bare booty.
Sweated booty. Patted that booty. <----not quite sure about patted that
Bad booty. Sadder booty.
Wide booty. Wider booty.
Double wide booty.
Live for tha booty. Yell at tha booty.
Suein' tha booty. Scared of tha booty.
Expensive booty. Cheap booty.
Discount booty. Rented booty.
Leashed booty. Sellin' tha booty.
Workin' booty. Easy booty.
Sleezy booty. Greasy booty.
Need a lot more booty.
Wet booty. Dry booty.
I hope that one's my booty.
Pretty booty. Pity booty.
Little bitty booty. Beautiful booty.
Curessin' tha booty. Dissin' tha booty.
Missin' tha booty. Messin' with tha booty.
Ooooh what a wonderful booty.
Powerful booty. Findin' tha booty.
Gimme tha booty. Wake up booty.
Breakfast booty. Lunch booty.
Supper booty. Dinner booty.
Expensive booty. Cheap booty.
Buffet booty. Hot booty.
Cold booty. Take-out booty.
Delivery booty. All booty.

Booty (20x)
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Messages about the song: "Booty Man"
  Online  -   -  07-29-07 02:20 AM  -  13 years ago

i love the booty
  Online  -   -  07-10-07 02:36 PM  -  13 years ago
beautiful, expensive, i want the booty, cheap booty are the only ones that repeat!
  Online  -   -  06-15-07 11:35 PM  -  13 years ago
we love this song!!!!! And theres no mistakes!
  Online  -   -  06-14-07 12:01 PM  -  13 years ago
Man taking a hiphop rap idea about singing about booty and turning it into a country song! we all love the booty game!
  Online  -   -  05-24-07 12:58 PM  -  13 years ago
I believe the line "Patted that booty." should be "Powder that booty." Makes sense after "Sweated booty," no?

  Online  -   -  05-20-07 04:54 PM  -  14 years ago
"Mean booty. Good luck with tha booty."

I think it sounds more like 'minging' instead of 'mean'. I could be wrong though.

  Online  -   -  05-20-07 01:46 AM  -  14 years ago
correction WE ( me and my booty) and my bf4l's and Their booties
  Online  -   -  05-20-07 01:45 AM  -  14 years ago
2-Slick   Offline  -  Member  -  05-23-05 08:36 PM  -  15 years ago
I hope yall have a good time singin this great song. It's hilarious. I'm sorry if there are any mistakes. If so just make your own and fix the mistakes up. Good luck
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