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Song Details
Duration: 3:53 (Tim P. Ryan) 
Release Date: 1982  (Tim P. Ryan) 
Lyrics By: S. Fields - P. Lane (Tim P. Ryan) 
Music By:
Produced By: William Shears (Tim P. Ryan) 
Released By: Rhino RNOR-014 (Tim P. Ryan) 
Published By:
  • The credits (S. Fields, P. Lane, William Shears) are jokes, references to Beatle titles and lyrics. (Tim P. Ryan)
  • Song Lyrics:
    P: Hello, lads. Why don’t we do a Buddy Holly number?
    J: You know, you know my name, look up the number.
    G: Number nine...number nine...
    J: What a shame, Mary Jane had a pain at the party.
    G: I’ve just seen a face, and it’s Ringo’s!

    R: Well, my name is Ringo, and that ain’t lingo,
    ‘Cause I’m the greatest star.
    Well, I ain’t no bummer, I’m a hummer of a drummer,
    And I’ve gone pretty far.
    I’ve got a yellow sub and a caveman’s club
    To beat on all me skins.
    I even got me a Magic Christian
    To pardon all me sins.
    I got a bird named Bach who loves to rock,
    She’s a woman who understands.
    But if she ever left me, I’d have to get me
    A lonely heart’s club band.
    Now, I’d like to introduce you all
    To a lad who’s on the ball.
    He plays bass with a lot of taste,
    And he goes by the name of Paul.
    Take it away, Pauly.
    Ah, is this your grandfather, then? He’s very clean.
    P: Ringo, we’ll call you.
    R: I’ll be out paradin’, then.

    P: Well, me name is Paul, and I do it all,
    Like write and sing and play.
    But for all me money, it might be funny,
    I still long for yesterday.
    Now I might have a smile that’s longer than a mile,
    But don’t think it’s all been fun.
    G: It hasn’t.
    P: I’ve been arrested for drugs, mobbed and mugged,
    And had a band that’s on the run, y’see.
    I’ve been thrown in jail, gotten hate mail,
    Even told that I was dead.
    Had herds of birds threaten me life
    Just ‘cause I wanted to wed, you see.

    Now I’d like to introduce you to
    A man who found the Lord.
    He plays a mean sitar, rhythm guitar,
    And he goes by the name of George.
    George, hey, we’ll let you sing one now.

    G: I’ll sing if you want me to sing,
    And I won’t sing if you don’t want me to sing.
    Well, I just might be the baby of the bunch,
    But I’m also the most hip.
    From the Maharishi to Hare Krishna,
    I started every trip.
    J: What’s he talking about?
    G: Hare, hare. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da.
    Yeah, yeah, let it be, let it be.
    La la la, la la, hey Jude.
    Love is all you need.
    My sweet, he’s so fine.
    I do it all, they just never give me any credits.
    J: All right, lad, your time’s up.
    G: Ooh, now let me introduce you to
    The chap who takes no crap.
    His name is John and he’s goin’ on
    ‘Cause he still likes to rap.
    Hey John, no be-bop-a-lulas, all right?
    We’ve gotta do the real thing this time.
    J: Fair enough.
    G: OK, you ready?
    J: Aye.
    G: All right, here’s Johnny.

    J: Well, my name is John, and I’m always on,
    And I’m speakin’ with my voice.
    I write rock and pop, and me head’s a mop,
    I’ve got a psychedelic Rolls Royce (for sale).
    Now, they called me loco when I married Yoko,
    But she’s a gal who’s on the bean.
    She buys a sack of potatoes, throws out the potatoes,
    And hides inside and screams
    You’re an eggplant, and the sister’s an aunt,
    And I want to jump up your nose.
    I love New York City, my Aunt Mimi,
    And words that rhyme with orange.

    What a load of rubbish!
    I can’t believe this! Who wrote this thing?
    P: Don’t you remember? We did, John.
    J: You know, we used to be fab and gear and stuff like that.
    What’s going...we reformed for this?
    R: I remember when we used to make good records.
    J: Goo goo g’joob too. Goo goo g’joob to you too, and to you,
    And to you, and to me, and everyone here! All together now!
    G: All right, I did the record, but I don’t want to play live.
    Has anybody seen me old brown shoes?
    R: Oh, they’ve put me in the movies, haven’t they?
    J: Anybody want to buy some lithos, signed?
    P: Scrambled eggs.
    All: Ah, ah, ah, ah! YEAH!
    (backwards): It’s really us, y’know.

    (Bill L)
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