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I Married A Woman Who Talks Like Jerry Reed 
By: Tim Wilson
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Song Lyrics:

I married a woman
who talks like Jerry Reed
God just didn't bless her with
the vocal chords she needs
She looks like Cindy Crawford,
but that ain't the way she sounds
When we make love, I keep hearin'
"East Bound & Down"
I work sixty hours a week,
and I bring home my check and She says...

"Son, you're gonna have to take me out
and put some groceries down my neck!"

So I took her to a fancy restaurant,
she looked down her nose and said...

"Now, why didn't we stop at a 'Choke-N-Puke'
For some grilled cheese sandwiches?"

I don't know...

I married a woman who talks like Jerry Reed
Oughta be on the cover of Playboy,
'cause that body's guaranteed
She talks just like that guitar man that
crawled out of the swamp...

"That Lousiana law won't save ya, son
when I knock ya in the head with a stump!"

She thinks my name is "Amos"
when she ain't callin' me "son"...

"Amos! Son, I'm under stress!
Let's go somewhere that's fun!"

So I flew her to Europe
and I spent ten-thousand bucks,
She told me...

"I'da had more fun
thumbin' a ride on an
overloaded poultry truck!"

on a what?

I married a woman
who talks like 'you know who'
Got a brand new pair of earplugs
stuck in with Elmer's glue
I bought all the lamps that K-Mart had
'cause there's one thing I don't need
Is to be in the dark with a woman
who sounds just like Jerry Reed
It's hard to be romantic
when she whispers in my ear...

"You got a long way to go
and a short time to get here

She talks just like a trucker,
whether I like it or not...

"We're loaded up & truckin'
And when you're hot,
you're hot!
Thanks a lot!


"Oh... yeah, don't like my voice, huh!"


"Well, you shoulda thoughta that when ya married me!
You knew I sounded like Jerry Reed then!
Least I don't look like him, do I?


"Speakin' of look like,
you don't look like Burt Reynolds yourself!
Kinda remind me of Fred!
Not that I date dogs or anything!

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06-05-17, #OTR-3-23
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