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Duration: 3:31 
Release Date: 1990  (A-Log) 
Lyrics By: Harry Shearer (A-Log) 
Music By: Harry Shearer (A-Log) 
Produced By: Jeff Lorber (A-Log) 
Released By: Virgin Records (A-Log) 
Published By:
  • The art for the CD single was drawn by Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons. (A-Log)
  • Song Lyrics:
    This is the sheriff of Yahoo County talking.
    If you're selling smutty rap, you better start walking.
    No use suing; no use squawking.
    The judge says I can come in and hush ya.
    If you want free speech, go to Russia.
    Go to Russia

    Now right thinking people are taking a stand.
    We're giving each other a helping hand.
    Wiping up the crap that's spread all over this land.
    Your rights stop where my rights crush ya.
    If you want free speech, go to Russia.
    Go to Russia

    From movies to museums to record stores
    We're drying up America's sores
    A mind is a terrible thing to have when outdoors
    So don't make me come in and cuff and cuss ya
    If you want free speech, better go to Russia.
    Better go to Russia

    Thank you for the bridge, Roy.
    Now what's the good of being fresh if you're not clean?
    I'm stronger than dirt, if you get my meaning
    Over in Russia, they just abolished censorship,
    but hey, it's just another communist trick.
    So you can rest assured they won't get ticked off
    if you talk trash about your dingus to Gorbachev.
    Now I can't do much about drugs or drunks,
    But I can sure force the dirty words back into hiding where they belong.

    Hidden Bush!

    So, take a nice old mean old sheriff's advice,
    Talk nice when you're in my jurisdiction.
    Avoid the primitive; don't get your head bent
    Forget the first amendment
    After all, it was written a long time ago
    And I just sent my only copy to Moscow.

    Don't get me wrong; I'm not against rap
    But every little kid needs the occasional slap.
    There's plenty a clean art all over the map.
    But if you make poo poo, I'm gonna come flush ya.
    If you want free speech, take a slow boat to Russia.
    Go to Russia.

    Thank you very much.
    (Stavro Arrgolus)
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