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Song Lyrics:
On Deadman's Curve I used to shut 'em down,
I had the hottest muscle car in my hometown
I could burn rubber in all four gears,
But I haven't done that in a million years
Hey, little minivan, we're goin' to the grocery store
She's got an automatic tranny with overdrive,
and the radio's tuned to Magic 95
She gets 30 miles on a gallon of gas,
And I can schlep all the girls to gymnastics class
She's got her headlights on both night and day,
She's the most practical value in the USA
She's got cruise control, ABS & EFI, I keep her Michelins at 32 psi
Hey, little minivan, we're goin' to the children's museum
On icy mornings when I'm feeling my age,
I'm protected and warm in my steel cage
Her climate control really pumps out the heat,
And her dual air bags just can't be beat
She's rated real high by Consumer Reports
And her two front seats have got lumbar support
I've got the good driver rate and comprehensive insurance,
And she's loaded with electronic theft deterrents
Step away from the car, step away from the car
Step away from the car, step away from the car
We're a wild and rowdy bunch when you pass us by
Bobby's buggin' baby sister and makin' her cry
If I have to pull over someone's gonna pay
And it was fun, fun, fun, till Bobby took her teether away
(fun, fun, fun, fun)
Hey, little minivan, we're goin' to the pediatrician
Now the wife and I hardly ever date
'cause our baby sitter has to be home by 8
We hurry through dinner & go out and park,
with the fold-down seats we can nap till dark
I dream of Barracudas and souped-up Vettes,
Crazy games of chicken and drag race bets,
Then she wakes me up and says,
"Honey, don't be sad, our van's the classic Woody you never had."
Now if I ever get tired of my minivan,
A red sports car will make me young again
Hey, little minivan, we're goin' to the grocery store
Hey, little minivan, we're goin' to the grocery store
Hey, little minivan, we're goin' to the grocery store
Hey, little minivan, we're goin' to the grocery store
Go little Minnie Van Gogh,
Little Minnie Van Gogh,
Little Minnie Van Gogh
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Played on 3 shows:
08-23-17, #ISGD-17-3602-21-15, #15-08
07-04-15, #ISGD-15-28
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