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  • Was also on the June 7th 1992 (#92-23) show as well. (czwrefsteven)
  • In this original version, this song is peppered with vivid sound effects- (dog being 'ground up' under the truck, vet shooting the dog, dogs tearing apart Rudy's corpse) The sound effects were censored to make it more 'family friendly' for inclusion in "Basement Tapes #1". It's that version that's used in later playings on the Dr. Demento show. (Stavro Arrgolus)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Rudy, Rudy, the dog from our childhood
    Rudy, Rudy, the dog we all love (woof, woof)
    Death was sudden and hearts broken everywhere
    But now he smiles down from above

    Just a puppy, a member of our family (woof, woof)
    He'd play baseball and frolic in the breeze
    He'd go swimming and run through the meadows (woof, woof)
    Feed flowers and water all the trees

    But one day, Rudy took off
    He ran under a milk truck
    He got caught up inside the wheel (yowl, crunch, grind)
    Severely injured back, sure
    With double compound fractures
    The doctor said he might not heal

    But that Rudy, he beat the odds and came home (oom)
    He was happy, but limped to one side (woof, woof)
    Swam in circles, round and round that dog would go
    Get dizzy, throw up and then be fine

    But then, just one week later
    He started having seizures
    He'd spit and snap and wheeze and shake (grr, arf, grr)
    The tests of hocus pocus
    The doctor said it's hopeless
    Our vet took out his 38
    And we cried, "No, no, don't shoot him!
    Please let, let our Rudy live!" (woof, BANG!)

    He was murdered
    and buried in our own back yard
    Two nights later, neighbor dogs came down
    Dug up Rudy and tore his guts and ate some skin (rip, grr)
    Next day, we put him deeper in the ground

    One year later, we dug up our puppy dog
    Bones were gleaming, bright, shiny and new
    Wired together, we put him on our dresser top
    Way up high for everyone to view

    Rudy, Rudy, the dog from our childhood
    Rudy, Rudy, the dog we all love
    Death was sudden and hearts broken everywhere
    But now he smiles down from above (woof, woof)
    (Stavro Arrgolus)
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