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Song Details
Duration: 2:49 
Release Date: 1992  (sfjpk30) 
Lyrics By: Michael Longcor (Tim P. Ryan) 
Music By: Michael Longcor (Tim P. Ryan) 
Produced By: Teri Lee (Tim P. Ryan) 
Released By: Firebird Arts & Music (Tim P. Ryan) 
Published By:
Song Lyrics:
Words and Music by Michael Longcor,
Copyright ©1992

You can talk about bad habits, about things that aren't nice,
Talk about dysfunction, 'bout your favorite little vice,
But I've got me an obsession that's as crude as it goes,
I've got Rhinotillexomania, I just have to pick my nose.

Rhinotillexomania, excavating all day,
Rhinotillexomania, clearing stuff out of the way,
You can try a facial tissue, even toilet paper too,
But it's Rhinotillexomania when nothing else will do.

Call your fine psychiatrist, let him mess with your head,
Talk to your group therapist, relate until you're dead,
All the counseling in the world won't raise you from the mob,
Rhinotillexomania is a hands-on kind of job.

Rhinotillexomania, puts your hygiene on hold,
Rhinotillexomania, going straight for the gold,
You can try a Roto-Rooter, or an ice cream scooper too,
But it's Rhinotillexomania when nothing else will do

Rhinotillexomania lets you get back in touch,
Lets your fingers do the walking, and it doesn't cost you much.
It may be a filthy habit, but some things you gotta do,
And you gotta get the the Boogermen, before they come get you.

Rhinotillexomania, never minding the pain,
Rhinotillexomania, careful, don't hit the brain,
When it comes to filthy habits of the solitary sort, you know that
Rhinotillexomania is my second favorite sport.

Rhinotillexomania, strip mining your way,
Rhinotillexomania, keeps congestion at bay,
When other methods fail you, You can't smell the rose,
It's Rhinotillexomania,
Yeah, Rhinotillexomania,
It's Rhinotillexomania, where the digit meets the nose.
(Tim P. Ryan)
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Played on 4 shows:
08-02-14, #14-3103-05-11, #MMS-144
01-26-12, #ISGD-12-0401-07-07, #MMS-61
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Messages about the song: "Rhinotillexomania"
Tim P. Ryan   Offline  -  Participant, MP3  -  01-08-07 10:28 AM  -  14 years ago
Rhino = nose
tillexis = habit of picking
mania = obsession of doing something

While also available on a couple of his Firebird Arts & Music albums, this live version was the first concert performance of the song in May of 1992. It has the best audience reaction recorded to the song. I was there to record this unreleased version.

Amoung the Michael Longcor songs rejected by Dr. Demento for being too twisted.

Other people have been put into the vicTim's spot in that 6th stanza.

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