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Road Bliss 
By: Worm Quartet
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Duration: 5:47 
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Song Lyrics:
Late for work again; I don’t care
Found a place where despair
Never seems to find me
Garfield hanging from my window
Smiles at all the people
Who are stuck beside me
Crank down the window and crank up the Ramones
To bother the yuppies who yap on their cellphones
I’m stuck here in traffic, it’s my favorite place in the world

Gridlocked, we’ve been here for ages
Everyone’s road rage is
At the point of bursting
Crawling, 60 hours a mile
Shake my head and smile
Sirens blare and birds sing
I seatbelt my neck ‘til it can’t get no tighter
And write “bite my ass” on the dash with my lighter
A beautiful morning in my favorite place in the world

Commuters blow their horns, and scream ‘til their faces turn red
I know that half of them, are probably packing, and the other half soon will be dead
And I know I used to be like them, so full of gas-stomping watch-checking fury
But then I realized I don’t even wanna go where I’m going so

The condition’s not improving
Vast lines of unmoving
Cavaliers and vipers
Try to synchronize my music
With the rhythmic smooth tick
Of my windshield wipers
People make faces; all mean like Ghadaffi
I smile and drink my cold Burger King coffee
Lean back in my seat for a mid-morning nap
I’ll probably be fired, I don’t give a crap
I’m stuck here in traffic; it’s my favorite place in the world, in the world, in the world.

(Background 1)
All around the horns a’blowin’, the adrenaline is flowin’
And the air is black outside now, from the carbon monoxide now
Getting there is half the fun, yeah, when your neighbor’s got a gun yeah
If someone should blow my cheek off, I could probably take a week off
Don’t cut off that drunkass redneck, with the fully loaded gun rack
Cuz you’ll find yourself quite forlorn, when your small pet dog is airborne
Barbara Walters tells the story, makes it sound all bloody gory
But didn’t that same stupid cow, also call straight edge a cult now?
Will the simple stress of travel, make society unravel?
On the freeway blood will flow now, It’s apocalypse to go now

(Background 2)
Work just brings me such despair
Yuppie fakers everywhere
Cubicle walls haunt my dreams
Dilbert cartoons make me scream
When I’m stuck here in my car
All the torment seems so far
Though it’s just six blocks away
Doubt I’ll make it there today
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Played on 3 shows:
06-15-09, #MM-21410-24-05, #MM-29
09-10-07, #MM-123
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