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Duration: 4:10 
Release Date: 2005  (sfjpk30) 
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  • Appears on the Steve Goodie CD When Harry Meet Charlie. (CZW Ref Fan Steven)
  • Song Lyrics:
    (Her Majesty by The Beatles)
    Hermione’s a pretty nice girl, but she’s got an awful lot to say
    Hermione’s a pretty nice girl, and she’ll be a witch someday
    I tried to tell her that I love her a lot, but she turned me into a newt one time
    Hermione’s a pretty nice girl, someday I’m gonna make her mine, oh yeah
    And someday I’ll write a punchline

    (Fly by Hillary Duff)
    Harry Potter, feels a little strange
    As he’s been growing older
    He’s a wizard, which his family hates
    He knows he’s so out of place

    Then Hagrid came a-calling
    Took Harry off to school
    Now he’s got a wand and
    And best of all, he can

    Soaring up above the school so fast and far away
    He can fly
    Forget about his suffering and his muggle life
    That boy can fly
    'Cause it’s his time
    Time to fly

    Those rotten Dursleys, you left them somewhere else
    You’ve got Ron and me, Hermione, now
    And when you study, you study magic spells
    So much better than history now

    The Quidditch Cup is calling
    Can you win for Gryffindor?
    You’re younger and smaller
    But you can take it all

    You know you’ve got the heart and moves and guts it takes to play
    You can fly
    Forget about the Slytherins and those nasty kids
    And get that snitch
    'Cause it’s your time
    Time to fly

    And far and wide your name is known
    It’s the price you have to pay
    For beating Voldemort years ago
    You fought him better than anyone else

    Harry Potter, how your life has changed
    Don’t you feel ten years older
    Take a minute, try to acclimate
    Let go of yesterday

    Soaring up above the school so fast and far away
    You can fly…
    Forget about your suffering and your muggle life
    That boy can fly
    Forget about the Slytherins and those nasty kids
    And get that snitch
    'Cause it’s your time
    Time to fly

    Harry Potter, feels a little strange
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      Online  -   -  07-20-07 10:39 PM  -  14 years ago
    this song is so funny
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