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Duration: 3:01 
Release Date: 2001  (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Lyrics By: Carla Ulbrich (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Music By: Carla Ulbrich (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Produced By:
Released By: Official Seal (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Published By:
Song Lyrics:
© 3/6/2001 Carla Ulbrich

I used to be leery of shrinks
I thought psychologists were jerks
But now look at me; exhibit C
Proof that therapy works

Session One- she asks me
"Now where shall we start?"
I said, "I wish I were more together
That feeling tears me apart

I’m concerned I might be worrying too much
And I can’t stop thinking about whether I’m obsessive
Everybody thinks I’m paranoid
Gank thod I’m not lysdexic"

I used to be leery of shrinks
I thought psychologists were jerks
But now look at me; exhibit C
I’m proof that therapy works

She says I should stop saying 'should'
And I said, "Yeah you’re right. I should.
But I can’t stop saying can’t."
She said, "Now, never say never." I said…
"I never would"

One of these days I’m going to stop procrastinating
I put it on my list every day
But I seriously doubt I can stop being negative
I mean what’s the point of that, anyway?

She gets 90 bucks an hour
And more than a couple perks
But I carry no resentment
‘cause I’m proof that therapy works

I have shown so much improvement
I am sure I’m on the mend
‘Cause I have stopped repeating myself
Over and over and over again
Ad nauseum redundantly
Repeatedly without end…

And I no longer constantly exaggerate
Every single thing all of the time
And I have ceased endless rambling in run-on sentences that make no sense and that no one seems to care about except maybe me and even that is sometimes questionable and I watch as people’s eyes glaze over as if they had been up for 3 days straight studying for an exam or maybe driving all night because they forgot to reserve a hotel room and they were in Florida and they were afraid to pull over and take a nap because they had just read Flannery O’Connor’s
"A Good Man is Hard to Find"

But of all I’ve overcome so far
Of this I am most proud:
I no longer need to discuss my problems
In the presence of a crowd

Yes, I’m ever so much better now
It drives my jealous friends berserk
Get a sliding scale fee.
You can be like me
Proof that therapy works

(Stavro Arrgolus)
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08-04-16, #ISGD-16-3310-17-15, #15-42
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