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Song Lyrics:
George Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction...
Clinton got a b*****b
So there was deception added to the suction
But...Clinton got a b*****b

Now what's worse: starting a war
Or keeping your "Cohibas" in a "human humidor"?
And who got impeached and what for?
Oh, right...Clinton got a b*****b

George Bush vacationed while New Orleans drowned...
Clinton got a b*****b
He sat in a classroom with the Towers falling down...
Clinton got a b*****b

He ****ed up FEMA, which ****ed up Katrina
Not to mention the Conventions of Geneva
With 23 civilians murdered in Haditha...
Clinton got a b*****b

Now how
Can a man without a brain
Cause a nation so much pain
Cause a world to feel such hate
For these so called United States

And how
Could the Congress help but act
In the face of every fact
I have presented here
The comparison couldn't be more clear...

George Bush authorized leaks of classified information..
Clinton got a b*****b
To make the case for attacking a sovereign nation...
Clinton got a b*****b

Well, they couldn't shoot him, so they had to shame him
But if you know a single honest politician, name him!
And you've seen Hillary...can you blame him?!
Clinton got a b*****b

(I mean - I'm sorry, Hillary. We all gotta take one for the team)

George Bush funds sex ed that says that condoms don't work...
Clinton got a b*****b
If they didn't both your daughters would be pregnant, you jerk!
Clinton got a b*****b

So Bush lied about his bust for driving drunk
Clinton's biggest crime was...having spunk!
And for choosing a statue less than statuesque
And hiding her under the Oval Office desk

*sighs* What else, George? What else have you done?

Ahhh - stem cell research, abstinence (what else have you lied about?)
Global warming, missile defense
Going AWOL from the National Guard
Ah, find some more, everybody; it's not that hard
Jack Abramoff, Valerie Plame
Al Qaeda's links to Saddam Hussein
Abu Ghraib, Kenny Lay
Our record deficit today

You wire-tapping, info-leaking
Water-boarding, power-hoarding
Rights-destroying, Christ-deploying
Load of scat in a Stetson hat

I'll do my part; I'll play the pawn
If that's what it takes to get you gone
I'm on my knees, George - BRING IT ON!
HERE'S YOUR f***ing b*****b!
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