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Song Lyrics:
She took a dollar bill from her wallet
She picked up a fountain pen
She wrote down the words 'I love you'
Next to the picture of George Washington

She took the dollar bill to the grocery store
And bought herself a chocolate cake
She gave the dollar bill to the grocery man
And then she went back home to wait

The grocery man gave the dollar bill
To a fat guy from Baton Rouge
He spent the bill at the hardware store
On a box of flat-top screws

The hardware store gave the dollar bill
To a customer named Clive
Who, by the way, is the son
Of one of the original Dave Clark Five

He spent the bill at the laundramat
They gave it to a lady named Fran
Fran's younger son stole the bill from her purse
And went to see Star Wars again

The movie theatre guy spent the dollar bill
On a subway ride uptown
Three minutes later the bill was in the pocket
Of a gamblin' man named Brown

Brown blew the bill in a poker game
He was fishin' for an inside straight
The dollar went home with a man named Jones
Who was sitting on a pair of eights

Jones took the bill to a savings bank
The teller's name was Dan
Dan gave the bill to
Oh my God, it's Rabbi Finkelman

I'm with you all the time
I can hear ya loud and clear
Just give a tug along the line
Ya know I will be there

Anyway the Rabbi spent the bill
On a ham and cheese to go
They gave the bill to a guy named Phil
Who gave it to his best friend Joe

Joe had planned to spend it
On some flowers for his bride
But he was mugged by a junkie named Doug
In the parking lot outside

Doug's old lady spent the bill
On a couple o' cans o' beer
She eventually becomes a very famous poet
But that don't matter here

The liquor store guy put the dollar bill
In his register, but then
Doug the junkie said "Stick 'em up"
And the dollar was his again

He gave the bill to a girl named Jill
Who gave it to a girl named Flo
She gave the bill to a real short guy
Who's name I do not know

He gave the bill to another short guy
Who gave it to a guy named Jake
Jake took the bill to a bar 'n' grill
And bought himself a sirloin steak

Later that day I happened to say
"Think I'll stop by the bar 'n' grill"
The cashier counted out my change
And handed me the dollar bill

Well I ran to a phone and I dialled in her number
As fast as my fingers could do
I said "Baby, I just got your message"
I said "Baby,I love you too"

I said, I am with you all the time
I can hear you loud and clear
Just give a tug along the line
You know I will be there"

I said, Mary, you don't need no dime
You don't need no subway fare
Just give a tug along the line
I said I'm with you everywhere
I said I'm with you everywhere
I said I'm with you everywhere
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Played on 3 shows:
01-03-15, #ISGD-15-0101-07-12, #MMP-10
11-09-14, #MMP-34
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