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Duration: 3:15 
Release Date: 2006  (ktguitar) 
Lyrics By: Ken Turetzky (ktguitar) 
Music By: Ken Turetzky (ktguitar) 
Produced By: Lee Fortune (ktguitar) 
Released By: Ken Turetzky (ktguitar) 
Published By:
Song Lyrics:
Morris The Cat

He was lyin' on the floor when I found him there
9-Lives catfood in his scraggly hair
I didn't cry, but don't say I'm mean
He was only a cat but he was seventeen
Morris...Morris the Cat

I’d found him on the step when I went out for the milk
His eyes were like glass and his fur like silk
He was so cute, I couldn't turn him away
Now he's made me so rich, I'm proud to say
Morris...Morris the Cat

He'd act so finicky and he'd prance about
He'd sneer at his catfood and go eat out
But one look at him and I had no doubt
This was some cat, this
Morris...Morris the Cat

Well, I was walkin' my cat when he caught the eye
Of this cute little blonde, she let out a sigh
She said, What do you call this little guy?
I said, Ma'am, his name is
Morris...Morris the Cat

She said, you know, you should be on TV
And I knew she wasn't talkin' to me
I looked at my cat and he was pleased as could be
He could see his name in lights
Morris...Morris the Cat

He made thirty commercials and they wrote his bio
Folks knew his meow from Maine to Ohio
Invested in stocks and he made big bucks
They delivered his fan mail in semi trucks
To Morris…Morris the Cat

Started dressin’ fancy in white tails and spats
Got himself a condo full of female cats
Got so cocky, started chasin' dogs
Bought himself a solid gold scratchin' log
Morris...Morris the Cat

For years he lived it up, played Vegas, ran around
Though the docs told him Morris, you gotta slow down
He'd just laugh and say, Gotta do the town
Then the big one cut him down
It was the last meow for
Morris...Morris the Cat

Well, we came to the pet cemetery on a rainy day
Morris's friends all had a meow or two to say
Then we lowered him down in his favorite litter box
With some cans of 9-Lives chicken and lox

When the crowd cleared out, everything was still
I couldn't say I felt too bad
'Cause I got everything in the will
Yeah, he was some cat, that
Morris..Morris the Cat

Copyright 1999, 2006 Ken Turetzky
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