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Business As Usual 
By: Sudden Death
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Duration: 3:30 
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Song Lyrics:
(Tom): OK people, let's get this meeting started.
Our first order of business is to find out who
brought the Krispy Kreme donuts.
(Marci): I have them. They're right here.
(Tom): Ah, excellent. And the coffee?
(Jeff): Right here.
(Tom): Good. Now, let's talk about this expense
report. (Takes a bite.) Can someone tell me how the
hell we spent eight million dollars last year on
coffee and donuts?
(All at the same time): I dunno/ Beats me/ I have no idea/ etc.
(Tom): Well as you know...

[verse 1]
Our platform for real-time solutions is facing
Retribution from a government probe, I propose
That we leverage the front-end architecture from those
Infrastructures and engineer a new solution next year
That will enable us to implement the integrated
Network our engineering team has innovated
However, due to Asian market value deflation
We will undergo a massive reorganization
All the engineers will be summarily dismissed
And we'll hire two more managers to oversee this
I understand we'll be short-handed but don't pay it any mind
We can expedite the partnerships and fix the bottom line
This will drive all the B2B initiatives
To redefine the value-added metrics of the mission, it'll
Generate a killer paradigm so we can guide 'em
Through delivery of all the cross-platform action-items
Collaborative efforts for the e-market experiences
Reinvents a frictionless and synergistic variance
Allowing us to maximize the strategies that may arise
And minimize the risks to our e-solution enterprise

(Tom): Any questions?
(Jeff): Just one...

(All): What the HELL did he say? (Steve): I think he's making up words
(All): What the HELL did he say? (Tom): Using nouns as verbs
(Steve): You can leverage anything if it's phrased the right way
But I still wanna know (All): What the HELL did he say?

(Tom): Now, we need to have a meeting so we can prepare
for our next meeting. Should we schedule a meeting to set that up?
(Marci): I don't think we have enough donuts for that.

[verse 2]
The organization will be more organized if we can
Embiggen our members with a cromulent plan
Which management can expedite and leverage to us both
Then we'll orchestrate the schema which will maximize our growth
We need to synthesize some vertical technologies
To harness the holistic web services of all of these
And utilizes the visionary systems to produce
Some eye-catching web services for interoffice use
The ubiquitous nature of the back-end interfaces
Need a proactive portal that we can put through its paces
From that will evolve a cutting-edge e-business
Which will harness the best-of-breed seeds of our existence
Our methodologies to implement this plan
Requires scalable synergistic ways to meet demand
But I believe with the power of the open-source, proprietary
Services, that we can make a mark that will be legendary
Our mindshare will reach the targeted amount
Once the virtual deployment has finished rolling out
We'll get a huge ROI, and some more jelly donuts
And then I'll give myself a huge bonus

(Tom): OK. Now, I have a PowerPoint presentation here
which better illustrates what I just spoke about.
See here we have a circle, two squares, and a
bunch of arrows. If we connect the circle to the first
square you'll see that we can bypass the triangles.
And that will save the company millions.
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