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Duration: 3:13 
Release Date: 2005  (Jetsie) 
Lyrics By: Todd Pettingill (Jetsie) 
Music By: Todd Pettingill (Jetsie) 
Produced By: dd (debram1960) 
Released By: WPLJ NY 95.5 FM (Jetsie) 
Published By:
Song Lyrics:
Guy: Hey ya Tiffany..
Girl: Hey Rocco
Guy: You wanna go down the shore or what?
Girl: Friggin 'a.
I'm a Jersey girl, in a Jersey world.
I look fantastic, my pants are plastic.
Watch my booty shake, crankin' up Whitesnake,
I love Jean Claude Van Damme and my Trans-Am.
Guy: Get your token in Hoboken
Girl: I get on the train, it's a major pain.
Guys are starin', at my friend Karen.
Our boobies are fake, we love Ricki Lake.
We think she's way cool, at our high school.
I'm a blonde, single girl, but was born a brunette,
all the guys say I look just like Farrah.
Guy: You're a babe, you're a fox, Garden State Goldilocks, even with that ten pounds of mascara.
Girl: Dish the dirt, love to flirt, in my leather mini-skirt.
I'm a Jersey girl, in a Jersey world.
I have dark roots, I wear white boots.
Tattoo on my back, like to dress in black.
I feel peachy, in my Cavaricci's.
Guy: Shake your whiny tiny hiney, ah ah ah
Keep your butt firm, get a home perm
Date your jewelers, drink wine coolers
Non-stop shoppin', beer cans poppin'
Girl: I go shoppin' at Zales, for my fake fingernails, got a ring in my nose and my belly.
Guy: Jersey chick, drives a stick, combs her hair with a pick.
Works at the Bloomfield Avenue Deli.
Girl: You can look, but don't touch, till you put a ring on my finger.
Take a glance, at my pants, you won't get there unless you're Kip Winger.
I'm a Jersey girl, in a Jersey world.
I can't go wrong, in my butt thong.
Make my weekend plans, down at Houlihans.
my boyfriend Guido, wears a Speedo.
Hit the tanning bed, till my skin turns red.
I'm a lobster, wanna date a mobster.
Scrunchie in my hair, playin' truth or dare.
I'm so pretty, I hate New York City.
Guy: Loves hairy chests and leather vests...yes, yes, yes
Take her picture, make her richer
Likes to cake-up, all her make-up
orders take-out, likes to make-out
Girl: (spoken) I am so trashed right now.
Guy: (spoken) Excellent!
Girl: (spoken) Can you really get me in a movie?
(jammin DIA)
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06-25-06, #MMS-3311-06-05, #MMS-3
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Messages about the song: "Jersey Girl"
  Online  -   -  06-12-07 05:02 PM  -  13 years ago
hahahah this describes guidos so well. i'm actually from the shore so i don't do that stuff.
jerseygirl67   Offline  -  Member  -  01-08-07 09:31 AM  -  13 years ago
I would like to know who sings this song, so I can down load on my ipod, thanks so much very much
Captain Wayne   Offline  -  Site Owner  -  10-25-06 11:40 AM  -  13 years ago
Dave Brody contacted me and let me know that he is not the one who created this song. He said he believed it was Todd Pettingill of WPLJ in New York, NY.

I sent an e-mail off to Todd asking for clarification - I'll let you know when I hear back!
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