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Release Date: 2004  (Captain Wayne) 
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©2004 Lou & Peter Berryman

1. Seasons greetings everyone we hope this Christmas letter
Finds you eager to appreciate the high points of our year
'Mong other things the tip broke off the smaller blade of Gary's
Texas pocket knife but still it is a handy souvenir

Matter-o'-fact it's better now for driving little screws
Besides the longer blade is still intact so everything is fine
Joanie took an afternoon from work to dust her cookbooks
And arrange them alphabetically from apple blintz to wine
Joan with cookbooks, picture A.

2. She also found the height adjustment on her upright vacuum
Must have fixed itself somehow because it works again okay
What surprises Gary is the light still works without
He's ever changed the bulb so far as he remembers anyway

We had the lump on Trav'ler's leg removed for those who don't
Know Trav'ler she's our dog turns out the lump was nothing more than fat
She and little Sputzy she's our other dog are fine
Although poor Trav'ler limps a bit but she seems comf't'ble with that
Trav'ler's stitches, picture B.

3. Joanie got the fuzz balls off that one one plum colored sweater
Back in April that she bought the day we got our purple Mac
Also Gary found some sets of colored vinyl rings you use
To code your keys like we use green for front and red for back

Plus, you may remember that last year our water softener
Was on the blink well this year it has ground right to a stop
Last year Gary fixed it by replacing that one rotor deal
That goes down from the program wheel that's driven from the top
Joanie mowing, picture C.

4. Trouble was the water stream diverter job that didn't move
To speak of cause the shaft was sheared and wouldn't turn at all
We knew something must be wrong when we went thru just one
Half bag of salt in six whole months from early spring to early fall

That was last year this year it's we're going through way too
Much salt we called up Sears but you know Sears their service is the worst
The only thing we know's that rotor isn't broke again
It must be something else 'cause you can bet that Gary checked that first
Gary fishing, picture D.

5. Joanie found a way to drive to WalMart without making any
Left hand turns you know how hard those left hand turns can be
There's a couple blocks she has to loop around to do it but
It's worth it for convenience being nearly hassle-free

She may design a booklet made for left-hand-turn-aphobics
Having maps on which the left hand turn alternatives are shown
Aside from that there's nothing really happened we can think of
Oh and Gary has the job he's had for years and so does joan
Sputz and Trav'ler, picture E. Happy New Year, J. and G.
(Captain Wayne)
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