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Duration: 3:19 
Release Date: 1978  (sfjpk30) 
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Song Lyrics:
One afternoon there's a man at my door
He's nobody I've never seen before, but He's yellin and screamin he's really sore I said cool it man what did I do I don't Know what's the matter with you he said your dog ate my duck
I said damn that dog no wonder your cross one little duck can't be that much of a loss i'll pay for the bird how much does it cost
he said I don't know yet he might survive he's a family pet just
barely alive it's down at the vet he's trying to revive it and what about my fence I said what fence he said the fence your dog tore down gettin in to my duck I said don't get tense just bring me the bill I'll pay for the fence I promise I will he said you bet your sweet bippy you will you communist freak but I'm kinda low key I blame it on luck he's blammin it on me on the way to his truck he's gonna go check on his precious duck and than he'll be back.

Chorus: Sorry mister can't we be pals I'll teach my canine not to fool with your fowl I'll fix your fence and your finely feather friend I'll make it up in the end.

well I called my dog and I set him down called him a miserable flea bitten hound I told him next time he goes to the pound or i'll gas him myself A little while later here come the man he's parkin his pickup the best that he can he's got the duck in one
one arm and the bill in his hand and mud in his eye then he shows me the duck it's a pitiful thing he's got a splint on his leg and a cast on his wing serenely sedated though feeling no pain
just layin there limp and lookin loaded we're lucky the vet is a wizard with ducks my part of the bill is only 43 bucks I asked him how much is the fence he said 17 dollars and 83 cents.


Well I gave him the money and sent him away I haven't seen him or the duck to this day but not long ago I heard a man say that his dog got loose got somebody's goose the vet bill cost him 43 bucks I said lord them geese are as expensive as ducks
how much did he charge for the fence he said 17 dollars and 83 cents.


submitted by: demonoyd
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Messages about the song: "60 Dollar Duck"
gerbiebaby   Offline  -  Member  -  04-28-09 11:08 AM  -  11 years ago
I would like to buy an mp3 of this song!!! I have a friend who has a 45 and plays it on their jukebox. However, I don't own a record player anymore. Thanks.
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