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Duration: 4:39 
Release Date: 1966  (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Lyrics By: Donovan Leitch (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Music By: Donovan Leitch (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By: Peer International Corp. (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Licensing: BMI  #1545086 
Song Lyrics:
We was a-d-d-d-drivin' d-downtown L.A.,
About a-midnight hour
And it almost b-b-blew my mind,
I got caught in a coloured shower.
All those lights were t-t-twinkling on Sunset,
I saw a sign in the sky
It said, "T-t-t-trip a t-trip, I trip, trip,"
I couldn't keep up up if I tried.
Ah, we stepped down to reality company
To get some instant sleep
And the driver turned, I said, "Welcome back"
He smiled and he said, "Beep beep".
What goes on ? Chick-a-chick.
What goes on ? I really wanna know.
What goes on all around me,
What goes on ? I really wanna know.
When in should come-a my dream woman,
She got sequins in her hair,
Like she stepped out off of a Fellini film,
She sat in a white straw chair
But I thought I'd take a second look
Just to see what I could see
And my scene had popped out like a bubble does,
There was nobody there but me.
I said, "Girl, you drank a lot of drink-me,
But you ain't in a Wonderland
You know I might-a be there to greet you, child,
When your trippin' ship touches sand."
What goes on ? Chick-a-chick.
What goes on ? I really wanna know.
What goes on ? Chick-a-chick.
What goes on ? I really wanna know.
A silver goblet of wine is-a to be
Held in a bejeweled glove
And her knights they toast the tournament,
The falcons they fly above.
And the queen will a drink of the dew tonight
But the jester she cries alone,
Because Merlin he spoke of an instant spell
To make the devil's white knights moan
And-a all in all, the seagull said,
"As I look to where I've been,
The whole wide human race
Has a-taken far too much Methedrine".
What goes on ? Chick-a-chick.
What goes on ? I really wanna know.
What goes on ? So near
What goes on ? I really wanna know.
Yeah well, come on.
We sat in a velvet jewel case
With sparkles everywhere,
And Julian he sat on a diamond ring
And-a talked of the days gone by.
We spoke of a common kaleidoscope
And the pros and the cons of Zen
And he spoke and-a said for a piece of cake
He really did have a yen.
Bobby Dylan he sat "the Mad Hatter",
A broken hour glass in his hand,
And-a Joannie sat in a white lace
Looking cool with a black lace fan.
What goes on ? Chick-a-chick.
What goes on ? I really wanna know.
What goes on ? Yes please tell me.
What goes on ? I really wanna know.
(I B Emerson)
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Played on 1 show:
09-04-83, #83-36
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