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Release Date: 1999  (A-Log) 
Lyrics By: John Toenjes and Janice Dulak (A-Log) 
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By: Can't Stop Music (A-Log) 
Published By:
  • Parody of "YMCA" by The Village People. (A-Log)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Yo man, it's nineteen ninety-nine,
    Yo man, Don't you know it's the time,
    Yo man, Everything will be fine
    There's no need to be so frantic

    Yo man, your computer's on-line
    Yo man, And your software's designed,
    Yo man, To keep up with the times
    There's no need to get so panicked

    You know you're ready for Y2K
    You know it's comin' now, Y2K
    All the systems will fail,
    Everything will break down,
    There'll be chaos all around

    You know you're headed for Y2K
    You know you're ready now, Y2K
    You have done everything
    That you can to prepare,
    For when that ball falls down on Times Square.

    Yo man, Cashed in your 401K
    Yo man, Stashed all your money away,
    Yo man, Now you're loaded with cash
    You can weather the big stock crash

    Yo man, your generator will go, when the
    Time comes, All the juices will flow
    Yo man, you'll be feeling your power
    This could be your finest hour


    Yo man, So your shelter is built, And you've
    Stocked up, your shelves are filled to the hilt, with your
    Canned goods, bottled water and wine,
    Things are going to be just fine

    When you, Have got plenty to eat, and you're
    Warm now, With your kerosene heat, you've got
    Nothing, Nothing to worry about
    Except fending off your neighbors

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    12-26-99, #99-52
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