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Topic: Wacked-Out Radio - 6/6/15 (Special Topic: Sci-Fi Weirdness)

A-Log   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  06-05-18 01:30 AM  -  2 years ago
Wacked-Out Radio - June 6, 2015

Special Topic: Sci-Fi Weirdness

A Trip to Jurassic Park - Whimsical Will
A Trip to Jurassic World - Chris Wolvie
Let There Be Light - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Ode to Ronald (Make the World Fries) - Insane Ian

EN - Smashy Claw
Song of the Sewer - Art Carney
Stand By Me - Spyder Turner
Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons Theme - TV's Kyle feat. the great Luke Ski
Tryin' to Pass a Kidney Stone (edit) - Robert Lund

Nina - Steve Goodie
Taylor Swift is Stalkin' Me - Ray Stevens
Ode to Taylor Swift - Art Paul Schlosser
My Dog Never Multi-Tasks - Steve Goodie
School for Dogs - Martin Briley

Galaxy Song - Stephen Hawking
Marvin - Marvin the Paranoid Android
Twilight Zone (Part 1) - Bob Guest
What's Up Spock? (Deep Space '99 Remix) - the great Luke Ski

Highly Illogical - Leonard Nimoy
Spock Rap - The Neural Paralyzers
The Dolphins/So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (Reprise) - Neil Hannon
The Trouble with Klingons - Dennis Williams
Mr. W - Ookla the Mok

Star Trip - The Congress of Wonders
The Worst Star Trek Jokes (edit) - Ben & Samurai

Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters From a Planet Near Mars - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Creatures From Outer Space - The Cleaning Ladys
Buttkickers From Outer Space - The Utensils
Star Trek Life - Sudden Death

The Martian Hop - The Ran-Dells
The Martian March - The Roto Rooter Goodtime Christmas Band
Take Me To Your Ladder (I'll See Your Leader Later) - Buddy Clinton
Galaxy Song - Monty Python

Wacked-Out Five

#5 Abby Normal - the great Luke Ski
#4 Bills - LunchMoney Lewis

#3 Snack Bar - Devo Spice feat. Power Salad
#2 Take Me To Brunch - Kirby Krackle

#1 The Twilight Zone - the great Luke Ski

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