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Topic: Playlist For 7-08

The Kahn Man   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  03-20-13 03:24 PM  -  8 years ago
I Know It's Early But Here's The Playlist For Next Month's Episode 7-08.
Episode 7-08
This Months Topic: Random Stuff

Grapes - Power Salad
Unfriend - Throwing Toasters
Gorilla My Dreams - Glen Raphael
I'm A Big Beaver - Max Degroot
Devo Are You Shoebox (The WUB Machine Remix)

Baby Got Back - Jonathan Coulton
Joco Got Jacked - Devo Spice
Joco Got Jacked (JoCo As A MoFo Version) - Insane Ian
When You Wish Upon A Death Star - The Great Luke Ski
Middle Earth Needs Me - The Consortium Of Genius (C.O.G.)

Chacarron Macarron - Power Salad
In The 80's - Devo Spice (Featuring Power Salad)
Happiest Place On Earth - Phil Johnson And Roadside Acttraction
We Have A Visitor - Samuel Stokes
That's What She Said - Samuel Stokes

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