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Topic: Totally Awesome '80s

jmanforever   Offline  -  Member  -  06-06-12 04:58 PM  -  9 years ago
Recently, I was asked by the Hastings College "Well Worth It" committee to put together a special show for "Walk Out on Work" day, to promote fitness and health in the workplace. This was a fairly big event, sponsored by several major local businesses, and partners. Everyone was supposed to "Walk Out on Work" at the HC track... get exercise, etc. Several hundred people showed up.

The theme for the day was "The Totally Awesome '80s", and they wanted the college radio station to provide the music for the event. Since school is out for the summer, and there are no students available, I volunteered to do the show myself.

I put together a great show, and had it saved on a flash drive, to be imported into the radio station's playback server. The morning of the event, PROBLEM!! MAJOR PROBLEM!!! Flash drive fail. All data LOST. Like a dumb-ass, I had no backups.

Solution: Go into the studio, use whatever '80s music & clips they already had on the server, and do the show LIVE!!!

I haven't done live radio since 1990, so I was a bit rusty for the first half-hour or so, but then, I got into the groove. I still remember how to do this.

The event was a Totally Awesome success. This was actually much better than the pre-recorded show that I lost. It had an "intensity and excitement" factor that just can't be duplicated on a pre-recorded level.

'Scoped airchecks here:

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

I didn't play much "Mad Music" but you will hear one or two, and I did end the show with some Madness.

Member Comments:

Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  06-07-12 12:45 AM  -  9 years ago
And I have a completed script you can use. My back pain is keeping me from concentrating on anything (actually, it's the painkillers...)- but then that's how it is most of the time - so I'm having difficulties making it myself. Though I could make 2 on a good day - if I ever got a good day.
Dave AuJus   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  06-07-12 12:19 AM  -  9 years ago
Nice air checks, good mix of songs, and great energy! It sounds like you were really having fun.
So when are you going to do a fill-in Mad Music Show? Would love to hear ya!
aduerksen3   Offline  -  Member  -  06-06-12 11:39 PM  -  9 years ago
Crap - too bad I wasn't yet in the area. Around 11, I was still on the eastern edge of CO. around Sterling. Thanks for the other radio recommendations - they came in handy.

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