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Topic: You Gotta Check This Out

Marcus Tee   Offline  -  Participant & Donator  -  04-18-10 05:42 AM  -  9 years ago
As some of you may know, I own and operate The First Leave It To Beaver WebSite at

People have been awaiting the arrival of the last four seasons of Leave It To Beaver on DVD and it looked, for many years, that Universal was not going to produce them for the public. I got word a few weeks ago that Shout!Factory had acquired the rights from Universal to produce the last four seasons in addition to a Complete Series Box Set.

Now to the good part:

A little later, a friend of mine, Stu Shostak, who runs an internet radio station was chosen to do the "Extras" disk that will be included with, not only the third season but also the Complete Series Box Set.

Stu, knowing my back ground with the show, called me up and picked my brain for quite a while so he would have content for the disk he was preparing. Today he wrote to me and informed me that the disk is pretty much all ready and that, not only will I get credit on the DVD which includes my web address but, there is also an audio track included with interviews with Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell) and Frank Bank (Lumpy Rutherford) that will include a segment that they recorded of me talking live with the guys on Stu's radio show.

Needless to say I am pretty stoked about the whole thing and just thought some of you might like to know what I've been up to lately.

So look for the Complete Series Box Set to be distributed through places like Fry's Electronics, Wal-Mart and Amazon, or even at my website: (Not a plug, just sayin')

Marcus Tee

From left to right: Ken Osmond, Frank Bank, Stu Shostak as they prepare the Extras Disk

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