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Topic: Attention Harry Potter Fans: 'Wizard Rock' is Not "New"

Voiceroy   Offline  -  Member  -  10-07-09 01:48 PM  -  11 years ago
So I was reading an article in GEEK Monthly ( ) about this so-called "new" musical genre called "wizard rock" (or "Wrock") and I'm thinking they're about a half-century late. Filkers have been writing/performing songs about wizards and magic and fantasy lore since before J.K. Rowling was even born, for crying out. Why should Potterphiles be credited for "creating" a musical genre when it's been around for so long?

It's been long accepted that Filk isn't just folk-style music and there have been literally thousands of rock parodies as Filk and plenty of Filk-related artists who are also rock musicians (i.e. "Weird Al" Yankovic).

Dang you, Harry Potter fans, for stealing credit from Filk for your n00b, spin-off, wannabe musical genre.

And if being classified as "Filk" doesn't sound "cool" enough for Filk rockers, they should call it "Frock."

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