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Boo! (I'm a Ghost!) - Schaffer the Darklord
Opener, The - Schaffer the Darklord
Giant Iron Snake - Schaffer the Darklord
Afraid of Everything - Schaffer the Darklord feat. BB Heart
Do Sex - Schaffer the Darklord
All About the Wookiee - The Consortium of Genius
You Don't Know Jack (Plan B) - Tony Goldmark
Do It For Me - Tom Smith
Gank That Blue - Ceschiia feat. Blizzleman
Disc-Shaped - Music With Rocks In
Fangirls, Shake That Booty! - Scooter Picnic
Suit Up! - Insane Ian
Piratz Tavern - Devo Spice
Shutdown - Steve Goodie
What Time is It? (Adventure Time) - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
You Don't Know Jack - Tony Goldmark
Autocomplete - Devo Spice feat. Worm Quartet
Shut Up, Ian! - Insane Ian
Heavy Metal Halloween Hero - Crush Groove
Obamacare - Joe J. Thomas
Getting HallowEven - Scooter Picnic feat. Ben Stahl
What Does the Hawk Say? - Bob Rivers
What Does the Mech Say? - Geoffrey Gerber feat. Owen Sartori
Best of Friends, The - Fur the Love of Mic
Filling My Prescription - Bobby Thornbody
I'll Lose Weight - Max DeGroot
World Can Be Better, The - Schmoyoho
Rampage - Miracle of Sound
My Photo ID - Stan Good
Census (Gay Version) - Fur the Love of Mic
Don't Sing This Song - Max DeGroot
I'm Gonna Play - Bobby Thornbody
Wonder - Doubleclicks, The
Dead Puppies - Man with the Multitrack Mind, The
Gas (Gag a Maggot) - Don Duvall
Chinese Food - Alison Gold
Rogues - Filkers of a Loon
Big Furry Wall, The - Fur the Love of Mic
What Goes Up Will Come Down - Kavo
Tom Cruise Crazy - Jonathan Coulton
Tetris Drop - Bobby Thornbody
Whatever You Like - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Get Our Geek On - Possible Oscar
Don't Do Drugs - Philfy Phil
Feed the Children - Positude
AA Battery Controlled Telescopic Knife - Look Left
Mad Music Top 20 Revenge, Episode 13-42, October 18, 2013
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