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Y'Gotta Try - TV's Kyle feat. Lindsay Smith
You Can't Teach a Sandwich to Sing - Eoghnved Mmrkuudnen
Go LVL Up - Kavo feat. Ceschiia
Leavin' On A Jet Plane - Goofy Gary Arnold
Boobies - Nice Peter
Goblin Mage - Kavo
Grind - Ceschiia feat. TamaLaLa
No No Facebook App App Song Song, The - Power Salad
Kittens For Sale - TV's Kyle
Gollum Covers Taylor Swift - BuzzFeed
Girlfriend Aggro - Kavo feat. TamaLaLa
Ninja Turtles Theme: The Michael Bay Version - College Humor
Cheech & Chong Anthem (WEed Are the World) - Cheech & Chong
Prize Bags - Ceschiia feat. Droxx
Dead Giveaway - Schmoyoho
When You Wish Upon A Death Star - Luke Ski
I Hate My Job - Insane Ian
Letter From a Cruise Ship (Hello Mudduh, Hello Faddah! 2013) - Power Salad
Princess Bubblegum - S3RL feat. Yukeh
Froggy's Lament - Insane Ian
This Is What Happens When You Give Logan A Medley - FuMP, The
Fan Geek Girl - DJ Particle
Best of Friends, The - Fur the Love of Mic
Your Purse Is Really Sexy - Art Paul Schlosser
Don't Sing This Song - Max DeGroot
Make Coffee - Peter Coffin
Phantom of the BG, The - Kavo feat. Letomi
Porcupine Song, The - Bobby Thornbody
Ferret National Anthem (2013) - Max DeGroot
I Do The Rock - Tim Curry
Paradise Garage - Tim Curry
Wake Nicodemus - Tim Curry
I Wanna Be Your MILF - Tracy Bonham
End It All at Niagara Falls - Schizoid Visionaries, The
Most Existentially Terrifying Hit Song, The - Rachel Bloom
Filling My Prescription - Bobby Thornbody
I'll Lose Weight - Max DeGroot
Living On A Roll And A Prayer - Hot Waffles
Girls Are Back, The - Music With Rocks In
Livin' in the San Diego - Young Stroke
Fruity Pie - Josh Gotcha
Irish Dancing Hippos, The - Calvin Stewart
Census (Gay Version) - Fur the Love of Mic
Mad Music Top 20 Revenge, Episode 13-19, May 10, 2013
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