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Happy Noodle vs. Sad Noodle - Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club
Dementia Revolution - Luke Ski, the great
Gorilla My Dreams - Glen Raphael
Loving You Has Made Me Bananas - Guy Marks
Don't Panic - Samuel Stokes
Marvin - Marvin the Paranoid Android
A Trip To Jurassic Park - Whimsical Will
Jurassic Park - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Double Dragon (Todd Gets Facekicked) - Bonecage
Play (Video Games) - Krooked K
I Have The Wine - Jody Dean
All Over Again, Again - Great Pretender with The Tennessee Two and a Half, The
Hard Times - Big Boss Man, The
Policeman's Song, The - Danny Kaye
Little Fat Policeman - Sandpiper Singers with Mitch Miller's Orchestra
Laughing Policeman, The - Charles Penrose
Cops With Attitude - Harry Shearer
Who Are The Brain Police? - Mothers of Invention, The
Sic 'Em Pigs - Canned Heat
Elvis Was A Narc - Pinkard & Bowden
Buzz The Fuzz - Biff Rose
Salvation Fuzz - Monty Python
Breathalyzer - Seamonkey
Dog Police - Dog Police, The
Police Dog Blues - Hugh Laurie
Quebec Language Police - Royal Canadian Air Farce
Support Your Local Police - Tom Mabe
His Majesty The Policeman - Lord Buckley
Super Cop - Ray Stevens
I Shot The Sheriff - Chevy Chase
I Slapped The Sheriff - Ward Brakeman
St. George & The Dragonet - Stan Freberg & Daws Butler (f/ June Foray)
Dragnet Goes To Kindergarten - Ricky Vera
Setting Fire To The Policeman - Peter Sellers
Mwahaha - Ookla The Mok
Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes
Thrift Shop - Macklemore
Ballad of Bilbo Baggins, The - Leonard Nimoy
One Pound Fish - £1 Fish Man
A-Log on the Airwaves, January 19, 2013
Topic: Police


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